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An electrical power substation belonging to Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz (CPFL) was invaded and robbed in the early hours of Wednesday (3), in the Jardim Lúcia neighborhood, in Sumaré (SP). According to the Civil Police, 15 people participated in the action. The group took a guard hostage, took 20 company uniforms, bulletproof vest and two trucks, in addition to other items. Nobody was arrested.

The information is from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP-SP) and the Civil Police. Military police arrived at the substation and found the company’s representative, a 62-year-old man, who said he had not found the security guard at the work station. His belongings were on the floor.

CPFL substation was invaded and stolen in the early hours of Wednesday in Sumaré. — Photo: Reproduction / EPTV

According to the SSP, the criminals forced the security guard, who is 48 years old, to stay in a wooded area for half an hour. He fled towards the street and informed the officers that the armed robbers surrendered him as he was arriving at work.

Under death threats, the guard was forced to collaborate with the criminals, who communicated via radio. According to the victim, the thieves knew that the guard’s bulletproof vest and gun were inside the substation safe.

In addition to the trucks, uniform and vests, the group also stole 12 ammunition and the security guard’s 38-caliber revolver, electrical cables, reflectors, refrigerator, microwave, printer, cell phone, charger and a company safe.

Forensic examinations were requested from the Criminalistics Institute (IC) and the Legal Medical Institute (IML). The case was registered as theft of an establishment on the duty of the Sumaré Police Station.

In a note, CPFL informed that it is aware of the facts and is available to the competent authorities for necessary clarifications.

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