Harry Styles Spent 3 Hours A Day Hiding His Tattoos To Shoot New Movie

The singer had to erase dozens of tattoos on his body to star in the film Don’t Worry Honey, directed by his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, and also starring Florence Pugh.

Despite the fact that his look in Don’t Worry Honey is nothing special, it took Harry Styles many hours in makeup to erase his tattoos. In all, the singer and actor has 60 of them spread across his arms, legs and torso. The work was necessary since the film is set in a small American town in the 1950s, so tattoos wouldn’t suit her character – a traditional husband.

The entire process took about three hours and was done by the feature’s makeup artist, Jason Collins, who was also responsible for transforming Lily James and Sebastian Stan into the Pam & Tommy series. First, he covered the drawings with a red pigment and then a green one. Then, a powder was applied to seal this colored coverage. The makeup was finished with a cream foundation the color of Styles’ skin.

Florence Pugh has nightmares and investigates community in new trailer for Don’t Worry Honey

Directed by Olivia Wilde, Styles’ current girlfriend, Don’t Worry, Honey tells the story of a couple – played by Styles and Florence Pugh – living in a condominium in the 1950s. , clean the house and accompany their husbands. They, however, work on Project Vitória, a utopian city with the aim of changing the world. However, everything starts to go wrong when one of the wives – played by Pugh – questions the intentions behind this work.

The film will be screened for the first time in late August at the Venice Film Festival and hits Brazilian cinemas in September. In addition to being a director, Olivia Wilde also appears as a supporting actress in the film. In an interview, she commented on the sex scenes starring her boyfriend and Pugh, saying that she had missed the eroticism in movies lately.

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