‘Hawkeye’: Tony Dalton comments on possible return to the MCU

Tony Dalton made his MCU debut as Jack Duquesne, a skilled swordsman and stepfather to Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld).

Although the character was initially considered a villain, he quickly won the hearts of many when he was revealed as one of the good guys.

talking to the DiscussingFilm, Dalton said he loved playing the role, especially after playing the villain Lalo Salamanca for so long in ‘Better Call Saul‘.

“I think my history with Lalo and a bunch of other characters kind of tricks others into thinking of me as a villain, because I’ve been doing that for a while… four years of playing a murderer, so it doesn’t help to have a good time. Image. Like, Harrison Ford always plays good guys, so you’re surprised when you see him as the bad guy in ‘Revelation’. I think they [da Marvel] had the same intention building Jack Duquesne, but in reverse.”

Asked about a possible return to the MCU, the star said that:

“Of course I would play that role again. It was fun. It’s good to be the good guy for a change. Jack is a completely different character from Lalo. It would be cool to continue exploring his personality.”

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Despite ‘Archer hawk’ not having been renewed for a second season, Jack could make a cameo in the spin-off series’echo‘.

In the comics, he’s known as the Swordsman, so it would be a great opportunity to show him developing his skills.

Remembering that ‘Echo’ premieres scheduled for 2023, and the marvel studios has already released the first official image, highlighting the titular character

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Dara Resnike and Ken Kristensen, in ‘Demolisher’ and ‘The Avenger‘, are responsible for the script. Sydney Freelandin ‘Reservation Dogs’joins as director.

The recordings are taking place in Atlanta, where the main Marvel productions are filmed. Originally, the recordings would start in December of last year.

Written by Marion Dayre (‘Better Call Saul’), ‘echo‘ will explore the origins of Cox’s character and will be set after the events of ‘Archer hawk’.

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