‘I want him to be happy’

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In Thailand, a woman decided to carry out a “selection process” to find three lovers to satisfy her husband, according to information from the The Mirror.

“I have chronic depression and I feel like I can’t take good care of my husband. I haven’t slept with him and that makes me feel like I’m not a good wife,” she explained to the British tabloid.

To participate in the selection, it is necessary to have some prerequisites, such as not being a mother and having a university degree, in addition to being communicative and having a good appearance. The chosen ones will be treated as family and will work in the couple’s company.

They will also receive around the country’s minimum wage, £342 (approximately R$2,200), and their main mission will be to please the man.

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“It’s important that they can please my husband physically. He’s a man and he needs it, he still has a great drive and a lot of energy. His lovers should also be able to keep him company and entertain him, so they should have a good time. personality and be fun”, reinforced the woman.

“I just want him to be happy. I’ll also have friends to stay at home with,” he added.

The idea came as a surprise to the husband, who stated, “My wife told me she wanted to find someone to take care of me. I never wanted to have a mistress, but since my wife is offering it, I won’t turn it down.”

According to him, men who like the idea need to communicate with their partners. “They should ask their wives for permission so that there are no problems in the future,” he concluded.

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