In the new version, Chrome 104 brings news regarding security and page loading

Without deviating from the usual, Google continues with several new features in the newest version of its browser, Google Chrome. In this way, it presents better conditions for those who deal with bank details, greater accuracy in screen capture and a much faster loading of content embedded in pages.

In version 102, new keyboard shortcuts were implemented. Then version 103 brought the addition of using AI for improved photo search. Now it’s time for Chrome 104 with its own new features, as Google began rolling out the biggest update to its browser on August 2nd.

This is a chance to take stock of all the features that add to the program’s arsenal. In this sense, it is worth noting that the aim is always to keep the software performing better to make life easier for users. In addition, security updates have not been left out and aim to protect against intrusive threats.

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What’s New in Chrome 104

The first feature worth mentioning is the faster loading of embedded content. For example, tweets or Youtube videos, which used to take a longer time to appear on a page. After all, they require the execution of some scripts that impact the browser’s performance.

The new version of Chrome, then, changes this by making this content automatically load, without asking the pages for permission. Previously, only a few were allowed to do so. However, it is worth mentioning that this feature will only be available to 1% of users.

Another interesting update is in relation to screenshots by area, which allows you to cut videos on your own. This happens according to the region of the screen that interests you most. That is, it is something that can be useful in video conferences to show only the relevant content to other participants of the call.

Regarding security, there are news since version 103, but now there is the possibility to save bank details for those who don’t want to save them in their browser. So finally Google fixed 27 security flaws, which is reason enough for you to install the update to avoid any problems. The update is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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