In US, woman is stopped by police, shows ‘white privilege card’ and is released

A woman managed to avoid a ticket in the United States when she showed the officers who stopped her a “white privilege card”. The case happened on July 9, when she was heading to a pizzeria, arriving at a rally of former President Donald Trump.

One woman avoided a ticket when she showed officers who stopped her a “white privilege card” instead of her driver’s license, which is required by law.

On Facebook, Mimi Israelah wrote that she could not find her driver’s license, which is a requirement of the law. The post has already been deleted.

“When I saw my white privilege card, I gave it to him to see if everything was ok,” Mimi wrote on the social network. “He laughed and spoke to his partner. It was the first time they had seen a white privilege card,” she added, who also posted a photo smiling and holding the card next to a police officer.

The card read “White Privilege Card Surpasses (from the English verb “trump”) Everything”. Mimi was not fined, according to NBC News.

Agents Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland were given 11 days of leave while the investigation into the “inappropriate approach” lasted, as the official called it, according to the “NY Post”.

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