Intel admits that DirectX 11 performance on the Arc line is a “work in progress”

The company claims its lineup has been optimized to work with DirectX 12 and Vulkan

In a video published this Friday (5), Intel admitted that its new line of Arc GPUs may have problems running games on DirectX 11 API. According to the company, while in some titles the performance can be as good (if not better) than that offered by competitors, in others the situation can be completely opposite.

Engineer Tom Peterson explains that the company considers this a “working in progress which will improve over time. “We expect DX12 and Vulkan titles to perform very well compared to the competition. We also said that some DX11 titles would be great, but other DX11 titles would not be so great.”he explained.

The company explains that this is the result of different way how low-level APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan behave compared to older options like the DX11 it’s the DX9. According to the company, they depend on a much greater work of optimization drivers, which requires a degree of knowledge that Intel does not yet have — and the situation becomes much more complicated given the differences of the Arc line in relation to the GPUs produced by OMG and for NVIDIA.

Intel says DX 11 support will be a labor of love

According to Peterson, currently the manufacturer started to dedicate efforts to ensure that DirectX 11 based games will run on Arc GPUs as well as competing hardware. However, he notes that this will be a “labor of love that will last forever” and that there is no way to make the necessary adjustments overnight.

In practice, this means that anyone who buys one of the boards made by Intel will likely notice that Newer games deliver better performances than older titles. This should be reflected in the technical analysis of different games and in benchmarks, which should indicate a superiority of the OMG and NVIDIA in titles without DirectX 12 or Vulkan support.

Intel shows Arc A750 GPU running Control at 1440p at 60 FPS

Intel shows Arc A750 GPU running Control at 1440p at 60 FPS
Little by little we know what the Alchemist GPUs are capable of

However, this is not the only issue the manufacturer will have to deal with when it comes to accepting the Arc line. by the consumer public — which currently offers a single model restricted to China. Reports indicate that Intel’s traditional partners are wary of manufacturing and distributing the new GPUs, for fear that they will not find retail acceptance and for lack of offering guarantees that protect your business.


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