Judge denies resources from Vasco partners who asked for cancellation of the Deliberative and AGE meeting

Another group of Vasco’s partners tries to prevent the Extraordinary General Assembly (AGE) from taking place this Sunday. This time, these Vasco residents appealed to the Judiciary to cancel or suspend the Deliberative Council meeting and the vote on the sale of Cruz-Maltino’s Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) to 777 Partners.

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First, judge Camilo Ribeiro Rulière, from the First Civil Chamber, did not accept the partners’ requests. The magistrate alleges that the documents necessary for the analysis of the request were not attached. In addition to being necessary the manifestation of the Council of Meritorious.

He also wants the Vasco group to prove that they are part of the Deliberative Council. With that, he determined that the authors of the appeal attach Vasco’s statute to the process, as well as prove that they are partners and are part of the Council of Meritorious.

– The one because the appellants did not gather the necessary documents for analysis of the request, which cannot be verified in the original process due to the unavailability of the PJE (Electronic Judicial Process), at the moment – considered the judge. And completed:

– It is imperative that there is a manifestation of the Council of Meritorious about the facts narrated, since the appellants, apparently, are not even part of that Council – he added.

It is worth noting that Vasco’s partners have already manifested themselves in the process. The Vasco group presented the documentation requested by the judge and reinforced the requests for annulment or suspension of the Deliberative meeting, as well as the AGE.

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