Lívia Andrade gets excited on a day off and ends up wiggling her butt: “I was very shy”

All powerful, she! Lívia Andrade took advantage of a day of rest and a lot of self-love this Friday (05) and delighted Instagram followers with an animated video on her profile. The blonde gave what to talk about among the followers and left the crowd in love at the time!

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The 39-year-old presenter enjoyed good drinks while showing her waddle in a more shy way, but which garnered praise from the more than 10 million followers she accumulates on her Instagram “Did you forget? Honey, did you forget? How powerful you are… Welcome back, you’re in control now!” mused the blonde.

“You are amazing, a wonderful woman”, fired a follower in the comments of the publication. “The young girls cry in the beauty of this muse”, extolled another internet user, who was drooling over the blonde. “Livia’s beauty is on another level”, praised a fan. Check out the video:

Lívia Andrade reveals that she thought about giving up her career

How so, people?! Recently, presenter Lívia Andrade spoke about the new directions she should take on television after her controversial dismissal from SBT. In an interview with Quem, the muse said that she even thought about giving up her career on the small screen and took fans by surprise with the statement.

“I thought about quitting television, I no longer felt comfortable with the proposals I was receiving. But I concluded that I can do what I like, if this is the job that gives me pleasure, the mixture of people, tribes, rhythms, then we will have to learn to experience these different things, at the end of the party, let’s allow ourselves” , said Livia.

However, it is worth remembering that, according to journalist Flávio Ricco, from the R7 portal, the presenter’s negotiations with Band are still uncertain. According to the columnist, the station and Lívia would not have reached an agreement for the premiere of the program “Música Mix” and the attraction remains without a release date so far. Will it roll?

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