Luan went from Marcelinho Carioca’s blessing to disappointment

Corinthians hired Luan for R$ 29 million and agreed to loan him to Santos, paying 100% of the salaries. Timão no longer sees a climate for the attacking midfielder at Parque São Jorge and believes that in Vila Belmiro he can recover part of his football at Grêmio, where he was featured in the Libertadores title in 2017. Peixe announced the reinforcement yesterday (5) .

Luan arrived at Corinthians in December 2019 after a difficult negotiation with Grêmio. After comings and goings, Timão agreed to pay the R$ 29 million for 50% of the economic rights. He was the club’s main reinforcement for the season.

At the presentation, Luan received the shirt number 7 of the idol Marcelinho Carioca and admitted being a Corinthians fan since childhood: “I make a dream come true. It’s the club I’ve rooted for my whole life.”

Marcelinho, one of the main players in the history of Corinthians, warned that “the stuff is crazy”. Days later, Luan shone in the Florida Cup and debuted with a goal in the Campeonato Paulista in 2020. All expectations, however, turned into disappointment.

Luan alternated good and bad times in the first semester until the stoppage because of covid-19. From July 2020, in the resumption of the championships, he showed a worse performance and was losing minutes on the field with coach Tiago Nunes, enthusiastic about his hiring. The end of the year was in reserve with Vagner Mancini. The summary of the first season had five goals in 42 games.

In 2021, Luan again fluctuated and had a muscle problem in his thigh, but he showed signs of the Grêmio player in May, when he scored a goal in São Paulo, for the Paulista Championship, and two against Huancayo (PER), for the Sudamericana. The goals in a row eluded the fans and gave the athlete confidence, but a new injury frustrated the rehabilitation. Luan lost space, coach Sylvinho couldn’t fit him into the team and Corinthians’ second-year result was also bad: four goals in just 33 games.

This year, ostracism came for good. Luan did not convince Vítor Pereira and only played three times, all before the arrival of the Portuguese coach. He hasn’t played since February and hasn’t scored a single goal in 13 months.

“During the time I’ve been here, Luan has been out of training a lot, he’s been out of most of my work. What I said when I arrived is exactly what I say: if Luan wants to give himself in training, in the game and in the opportunities he has, he will count like everyone else. I don’t put anyone aside, even the kids in the formation come and have their opportunity. We need everyone and Luan too. I have no responsibility when he’s about to be cast and at the last moment. .. It has happened several times, at least three, of not being available for play. The truth is, “complained VP, in an interview in June.

Even outside the bench, Luan reinforces Santos. At Corinthians, it is understood that the attacking midfielder needs a change of scenery. People close to the player say he has lost confidence and is excited to resume his football at Peixe.

loan details

Santos hired Luan until the end of the Brazilian Championship, in November, with 100% of wages paid by Corinthians. The agreement has a one-year renewal clause.

If Corinthians negotiates Luan, Santos gets 20% as a showcase fee. If you choose to renew, Peixe will pay part of the attacking midfielder’s salaries in 2023.

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