Madame Web | Video confirms identity of Dakota Johnson’s character

The footage of the enigmatic Madame Web started and finally things start to make sense in Sony’s new movie in the Spider-Man universe. And what the first behind-the-scenes images reveal is that the film will not be related to the old woman that everyone believed, but to the second version of the character that appeared in the comics.

The images recorded by fans show actress Dakota Johnson properly attired with a red jacket identical to the one used by the second Madame Teia in the comics. So, instead of bringing the character in the form of Cassandra Webb and all the limitations that a blind elderly woman on braces offers, the film should already present the actress in the role of Julia Carpenter. And what does that mean?

Hard to make any predictions, as Sony has already made it very clear that it is adapting the Spider-Man universe very freely – mainly because it is not using the hero himself. In the comics, Carpenter initially appears as the heroine Spider-Woman and who, after being missing for a long time from the stories, returns assuming the identity and powers of Madame Web after Webb’s death.

Thus, she is also blinded at the same time as she develops psychic abilities that include, in addition to telepathy, an incredible ability to see into the future and even to have a look across the multiverse.

It is not clear from what has been shown so far how much of this should be used in Madame Webbut a simple unofficial record was enough to confirm some of the assumptions that had been made until then, in addition to opening space for more speculation.

In recent weeks, new rumors about the film have emerged pointing to the possibility that other characters linked to Spider-Man will appear in the spin-off, including the thief Black Cat and the mercenary Silver Sable. However, all this information still seems very mismatched – as well as almost everything involving Madame Web.

The good news is that as filming begins, more leaks should come out and help put this puzzle together. Sony’s expectation is that the recordings will extend until the month of October. The film, however, does not yet have a release date announced.

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