Mariposa surprises resident in window and web recommends: ‘Turn off the lights and hide’ – News

A moth with considerable wingspan surprised a resident by “visiting” him at the house where he lives, in some unspecified location in the UK. The creature’s record was recently shared on the social network Reddit.

“This absolute moth unit hit my window,” wrote the author of the post. “Looks like he’s come to claim a debt.”

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Among the terrified reactions of countless internet users, one of them kept sober and identified the animal in question as a specimen of the species. Lasiocampa quercus.

According to the British tabloid Daily Star, this is one of the largest moths found in Great Britain, reaching a wingspan of up to 7.5 cm.

Despite the scientific information, the content of the other comments was even the most exaggerated advice possible.

“Turn off the lights and hide,” advised one netizen. She knows you have a lightbulb in there,” joked another.

A third user had a dark speculation about the apparition: “When she dies, can you imagine the size of the spider that will come to eat her?”

Speaking of moths, the species below has snake camouflage, does not eat and lives a few days. Check out!

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