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Moviedle is a guessing game in the style of the popular Wordle, but aimed at movies. Every day, users will try to figure out which title they’ve chosen after seeing an extremely abridged one-second version of a feature film. With each wrong guess, the game offers a slightly larger version. Like Dungleon, Heardle, and Gamedle, the game retains certain elements in common with Wordle, such as the six-attempt limit and the daily refresh of the chosen movie at midnight. You can play it directly in browsers on PCs or Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones.

🎮 Meet Framed, Wordle ‘style’ game to guess movies in a scene

Moviedle is a guessing game inspired by Wordle but with abridged versions of movies — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Monteiro

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Developed by Jeremy Toeman and the team at his startup AugXLabs, Moviedle is a guessing game that pays homage to the Wordle and Heardle games, which have become a rage in recent years. The game was released on March 22, a few months after Wordle, responsible for starting the phenomenon with guessing proposals. AugXLabs is also the developer of the game Posterdle, which challenges users to discover movie posters (for games, check out Gamedle).

The purpose in Moviedle is not to show a second of a movie, but to show several frames of scenes quickly within that time, which makes it very difficult to guess on the first try. It is also necessary to pay close attention, as even blinking can put the player at a disadvantage.

Moviedle has an extensive base of films, such as O Regresso (The Revenant) — Photo: Reproduction/Luiza M. Martins

A common feature in these games is that they always have only one match per day and are updated at midnight, so that all players are always on the same spot and can exchange tips. You can access previous Moviedle games from the calendar icon at the top right.

It is also worth mentioning that guesses must use the names of the films in English, so it may be necessary to Google the original name of some production. Among some of the films that have appeared in previous games are American Beauty, World War Z, The Sun Is For All, Armageddon, Aliens, Modern Times, A Body That Falls, The Kings of Iê, Iê, Iê, Arrest Me If You Go Capable, Blade Runner, Titanic, among others.

Go to the game’s official website ( and see the first version of the movie, which will be one second long. At the end of the clip, there is a text bar underneath where the user can type their guess. You need to type the beginning of the name and then select the option in a search bar that will appear. After choosing your answer, click on “Guess” to see if you got it right.

To make a guess in Moviedle, you need to use the name of the movie in English and select it from a search list — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Monteiro

With each failed attempt, Moviedle will offer a one-second longer version of the movie, for a total of six attempts. In the longer versions, it is easier to notice details such as photography, color palette, written details and even specific actors to try to guess. If you hit or miss all attempts and want to share your attempt, click “Share” on the result screen.

On PC, sharing is only possible through Windows 10 Apps like People, Email and Microsoft OneNote. On smartphones, it is possible to use email apps like Gmail, messaging apps like Telegram, screenshots and even a simple copy of the text to paste on social networks.

with information from Moviedle, NME, SportsKeeda

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