Missing icons in Build 25174 suggest that Windows 11 shutdown command should be revised

This Thursday (4), Microsoft released another Build — 25174 — for Windows 11 insiders. The new version brings some news and bug fixes, but it brought a question from users, who missed a famous icon present in the command “shutdown”, shutting down the computer.

The end of activities menu always presented a PC icon with a blue screen on the left side of the banner, but this time it appears empty, with only the command options, as revealed by a Twitter user.

The user, titled Xeno, showed that when searching for more information using Windows Resource Hacker, he looked for the “Icon” and “Icon Group” folders and saw that within the “shutdownux” DLL file, they did not exist. Given this, internet users debate that this must be a bug that went unnoticed during Microsoft’s tests or that this type of icon get a new design in the next updates.

Anyway, it is expected that, with the repercussion, the new versions will bring the icon again, improved or not. It is worth remembering that in a previous version of Dev 25115, Microsoft had already made some adjustments to the Shutdown menu.

What do you think might have happened in this update, did you notice any other issues in the Build? Follow all the news from Microsoft here at Tudo Celular and leave your comment!

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