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On the eve of the vote that will decide Vasco’s future, the sale of 70% of SAF to 777 Partners still causes controversy at the club. If it has the support of the majority of the fans and, apparently, of the majority of the members, as the AGE showed in April, the agenda still causes discord among the political leaders of the club.

O ge opened space for well-known figures of Vasco politics to express what they think. We invite candidates for the presidency of the club in the last election, in 2020, to give their opinion on the sale to 777, as well as the presidents of powers.

Calabouço headquarters will be the stage for Sunday’s vote — Photo: Daniel Ramalho / CRVG

We only asked one question: “Why are you in favor or not of selling the SAF to the 777?”. Former candidates Jorge Salgado (current chairman of the administrative board), Júlio Brant, Leven Siano and Sérgio Frias responded, as did Carlos Fonseca (chairman of the Deliberative Council) and Eduardo Rebuzzi (acting chairman of the Board of Meritorious).

Former president Alexandre Campello did not respond until the report was published. If he sends the answer, the article will be updated.

Jorge Salgado, president of Vasco — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

I approve the SAF operation because Vasco football needs adequate instruments to attract investments, strengthen its teams and return to its rightful place, winning titles; and because the club needs to resolve once and for all its historic indebtedness, which has stifled it for more than two decades.

SAF adapts Vasco football to the reality of the world market. Of the 30 richest clubs in the world, 28 are companies (ie 93%). Of the 10 most valuable markets in the world, only Brazil is not (yet) composed mostly of company clubs. Vasco has always been a pioneer. We were one of the first Brazilian clubs to embrace professionalism in football. The time has come to professionalize management as well.

CRVG will be a relevant partner in SAF, will protect the club’s traditions, receive dividends, and will have an ambitious partner, with a global reach, and which will bring the necessary investments for Vasco football to take the leap in quality that we so desire. And the immense Vasco fans will be absolutely sure that Vasco’s football will be managed in a professional way, with governance and responsibility, ending political interference and definitively breaking with the harmful practices that have so harmed our club.

SAF is the future of Brazilian football. SAF will replace Vasco as a real competitor at Brazilian and South American level. The partner from Vasco will say if, for us, the future starts now.

Candidate for the presidency of Vasco in 2020

Julio Brant was a candidate in Vasco’s last three elections — Photo: Marcelo Baltar

Since this administration took over, we have sought to bring solutions because we already saw that the financial management maintained since 2018 would be chaotic. Unfortunately, they put Vasco in a scenario of insolvency. The SAF became the only way out at that point. However, the SAF needs to bring competence, which is Vasco’s most chronic problem. Without competence, no model succeeds.

We will follow up to make sure that the sporting results will come and that the association will be strengthened to be able to invest in amateur sport, in the maintenance of Vasco’s memory and history.

Candidate for the presidency of Vasco in 2020

Leven Siano, candidate for the presidency of Vasco in 2020 — Photo: Fred Gomes

I hereby express my feeling of not delving into the matter, because everyone knows my position on this SAF, in particular, conducted by 777. Whatever happens, I hope I still have the opportunity to deliver to the club everything I prepared to collaborate with your success. It is a pity that the whole process was conducted in the wrong way. Vasco’s fan loses. Vasco loses. Football is partially lost. Even because, the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama is the history of Brazil.

Candidate for the presidency of Vasco in 2020

Sérgio Frias, candidate for the presidency of Vasco in 2020 — Photo: Paulo Fernandes

I am fully convinced that the CRVG is capable of solving its problems as a Civil Association, as long as it does not close itself to the market, knows how to negotiate its assets (its base is very valuable and some jewels, as in the case of Andrey, are speculated with a value of market today, around R$250 million at least), wait for the LIBRA negotiation (which will bring Vasco in the near future a gain of at least six times greater than the current one) and open space to receive the help of associates who are willing to contribute to the club, bring partners and investments, with it not closed to a company to whom you want to sell football since February.

As SAF, there are several possible models, from maintaining 100% of it with the club (in practice, working with a clean CNPJ, without debts), maintaining shareholder control, managing it, ceding the administration to someone else for a while, keeping the stock control. What does not seem reasonable is to cede the shareholding control without the other side, after the initial contribution, not having to commit to reinvest in the club, keeping it under its control for up to 50 years. There is also no point in the agreement that there is already a hypothesis that our main real estate and, above all, sentimental assets, can be transferred to the sevens, in a transaction in which what is thought to be the future of CRVG is already shown, when the hypothesis is raised that the company will give the Association R$50 million and keep the stadium, based on a work that costs R$300 million for it. Saying that this would still have to go through the member before approval could be a mere detail, depending on the situation the Association is in.

In such an agreement, it must be understood that the objectives of the two sides do not normally converge. The immense cruzmaltina fans want titles and the company profit. Can she profit more without risking money to get titles and eventually spend decades winning one or the other, after all if Vasco wins Camp. Carioca in a given year, for example, the company will be able to withdraw 50% of the net profit and if the club is in the second or third division it will have 25% guaranteed.

More problems may exist, after all, the “owners of Vasco”, in this case the associates, were deceived with lying and distorted speeches about contributions and guarantees and driven to despair by the club’s terrible sports production in 2021, accepting anything to get out of this situation. It is not known which rights over Vasco’s history become the domain, let’s say, intellectual of the sevens, there are no exit clauses for the club over time, viable conditions for the resumption of actions in the future, given the very low budget that will remain for CRVG, and which rights of the current statutory partners will be vilified, in addition to those already announced, which are included in the bylaws and will have to be modified to satisfy the company, as happened recently and was ratified on 04/30, in a fraudulent and erroneous EGM procedures of the most diverse origin, discussed in court.

With a minimum of efficient work, strength of the base and engagement of the fans, Vasco will move up the division and negotiation at the worst sporting moment is more than a mistake, it is complete irresponsibility. There is no way for the partner to affirm with broad conviction that voting yes in an EGM in which it is intended to sell Vasco’s main asset to third parties without reading the contract is a responsible act. Even more so in the face of several false speeches throughout the year, since when in large letters it was said in February that the club would be sold for R$1.7 billion, because in fact the real value is R$700 million in installments and compensated for the seven with Vasco’s assets that will be available to the company over time, regardless of its management, and the responsibility for paying, in more than ten years, a debt of up to R$700 million, which will be done through the club’s own assets , given the values ​​that Vasco is about to receive, as mentioned above.

Chairman of the Deliberative Council

Carlos Fonseca, president of Vasco’s Deliberative Council, in an interview at Sede Náutica — Photo: Tébaro Schmidt / ge

I will vote for the SAF. The main reason is financial, since at the same time Vasco will be able to resolve its debt and resume the ability to make investments in football. Another aspect that I like is the professionalization of management, regardless of the political seams that are necessary in an associative model.

President-in-Office of the Meritorious Council.

Eduardo Rebuzzi, president of the Vasco Meritorious Council — Photo: Disclosure

Football is undergoing major changes and I understand that the SAF is the natural way for the Clubs to have a more professional and balanced management, with greater security for investors and sponsors, including in relation to the format and regulation of the championships, aiming at a healthy and more profitable dispute.

As for the sale to 777, the analysis and approval process has completed all the steps in the CRVG, which will be concluded with the voting of the partners at the AGE next Sunday.

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