Reinforcement of Palmeiras, Tabata left Atlético-MG to Portugal

New reinforcement of Palmeiras, Bruno Tabata did not act professionally in Brazil. In 2015, from the base categories of Atlético-MG, he went straight to Portimonense (POR), in a transfer that had confusion, litigation and, at the time, was very much felt by Galo.

Tabata, who received the nickname in childhood for his physical resemblance to former Santos player Rodrigo Tabata, was seen as the biggest promise of the Minas Gerais club in many years. Under the command of Rogério Micale, who would win the Olympic gold with the selection the following year, in Rio, Tabata went, with Atlético-MG, to the quarterfinals of the 2015 Copinha, when he was eliminated by São Paulo.

The player had a good participation in the competition and was already being monitored by clubs from abroad, especially from Portugal, since he shone in the Copa do Brasil Sub-17 in 2014. In November 2015, disagreements began with the athletican board.

Tabata had a contract until the end of March 2016, but expressed the desire to leave the Minas Gerais club before the end of the contract, in view of the many polls he had been receiving. And when requesting a transfer, he ended up being removed from the team’s games, starting to only train with the squad. In December, Atlético got an injunction in court preventing the player from signing a contract with another club.

As a base athlete, his contract allowed, with a preference clause, for Galo to try to match a salary proposal from another club, which would automatically renew his bond with the team. If, even with the salary equal, Tabata wanted to leave, the Minas Gerais club should be compensated in the transfer.

In January 2016, Portimonense filed with the Minas Gerais Football Federation an official salary proposal of 20 thousand euros, then around R$ 80 thousand monthly. At the time, the salary cap for Atlético’s base players was just R$2,000. And the Labor Court allowed him to go to Portimonense four months before the end of the contract.

Atlético did not swallow the terms of the player’s departure and continued to claim to receive something in court. In March 2020, FIFA decided that Portimonense should pay Galo 110,000 euros, then R$550,000 – much less than the club expected to receive for the player.

In September 2020, Tabata left Portimonense for Sporting for 5 million Euros, around R$25 million. As a training club, Atlético-MG was entitled to receive an additional BRL 580,000 (1.8% of the transaction, under FIFA’s solidarity mechanism). With the transfer of Tabata to Palmeiras, Galo will again be remunerated by the mechanism, in the same percentage.

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