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At least 75,000 new beneficiaries will be included in the Electric Energy Social Tariff (TSEE) program. Thus, these citizens will have discounts of up to 65% on their electricity bill, depending on consumption in the month. Light was responsible for registering the new recipients. Thus, the company reported that the number of beneficiaries reached 630 thousand.

Who is entitled to the Social Electricity Tariff?

Families enrolled in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico), who receive up to half a minimum wage per person per month, are entitled to the benefit of the Electric Energy Social Tariff. Elderly people over 65 years of age are also entitled, provided they are a beneficiary of the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC).

Indigenous and quilombola families registered in CadÚnico also have the right to be beneficiaries and can receive discounts of up to 100% if the electricity consumption in the month does not exceed 50kWh.

In addition, families enrolled in CadÚnico with a monthly family income of up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,636.00) can also be part of the program. However, the discount on the electricity bill is only granted if any member of the family has a disease or disability, whose treatment requires the continuous use of equipment connected to energy.

Registration in the Social Tariff

According to Light, the registration of new beneficiaries in the social program that grants discounts on the electricity bill for families that consume up to 220 kWh in the month is carried out regularly, based on data from families enrolled in CadÚnico.

To register for the Electric Energy Social Tariff program, family members must go to an energy distributor agency in their state with identification documents, RG and CPF and consumer unit code.

It is also necessary to present the Social Identification Number (NIS) or CadÚnico to prove that you fit into the target audience of the social program. If a family member has an illness or depends on an electrical device that is vital for continued use, they must submit a medical report.

For more information about the Social Tariff, just access Light’s virtual agency, contact WhatsApp (21) 9.9981-6059, or call Dial-Light 0800-021-0196.

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