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The 2022 Brazilian Championship returns to the field today (6) soon with ten teams entering the field. Highlight for São Paulo x Flamengo, at Morumbi, at 8:30 pm (from Brasília), and Avaí x Corinthians, at 7:00 pm, with Timão going to Ressacada to follow in the heels of leader Palmeiras.

Tomorrow (7), it’s the turn of Abel Ferreira’s team to try to get the fifth consecutive victory in the competition to continue with a comfortable advantage at the tip — the game is at Allianz, at 16:00.

In addition to Corinthians, another team that follows Palmeiras closely is Fluminense, which doesn’t know what it’s like to lose for nine matches and counts on its fans to overcome Cuiabá at Maracanã, also at 4pm.

Also this Sunday, already in the evening, two other games shake up the second round of the return: Fortaleza x Internacional, at Castelão, at 6 pm, and Atlético-MG x Athletico, at Mineirão, at 7 pm.

The 21st round of the Brasileirão comes to an end on Monday (8), with the duel between Coritiba and Santos, at Couto Pereira, at 8 pm.

And as happens every week, the columnists of UOL Esporte were summoned and gave their guesses on the main games of the round. Check out:


Avai vs Corinthians

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Avaí
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Corinthians
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – Corinthians
Milton Neves – Avaí
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Corinthians
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Corinthians

Sao Paulo vs Flamengo

Alicia Klein – Flamengo
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Flamengo
Julio Gomes – Sao Paulo
Menon – Sao Paulo
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Flamengo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Sao Paulo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Flamengo
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Botafogo vs Ceará

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Botafogo
Danilo Lavieri – Botafogo
Julio Gomes – Botafogo
Menon – Ceará
Milly Lacombe – Botafogo
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Botafogo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Botafogo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Botafogo


Fluminense vs Cuiabá

Alicia Klein – Fluminense
Amara Moira – Fluminense
Danilo Lavieri – Fluminense
Julio Gomes – Fluminense
Menon – Fluminense
Milly Lacombe – Fluminense
Milton Neves – Fluminense
Renato Maurício Prado – Fluminense
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fluminense
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fluminense
Vitor Guedes – Fluminense

Palmeiras vs Goiás

Alicia Klein – Palmeiras
Amara Moira – Palmeiras
Danilo Lavieri – Palmeiras
Julio Gomes – Palmeiras
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – Palmeiras
Milton Neves – Palmeiras
Renato Maurício Prado – Palmeiras
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Palmeiras
Rodrigo Coutinho – Palmeiras
Vitor Guedes – Palmeiras

Fortaleza x International

Alicia Klein – Fortaleza
Amara Moira – Fortaleza
Danilo Lavieri – Fortaleza
Julio Gomes – Fortaleza
Menon – Fortress
Milly Lacombe – Fortaleza
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Fortaleza
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fortaleza
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fortaleza
Vitor Guedes – Fortaleza

Atletico MG vs Atletico

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Atletico MG
Menon – Atlético-MG
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Atlético-MG
Renato Maurício Prado – Atlético-MG
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Draw
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Draw


Coritiba x Santos

Alicia Klein – Santos
Amara Moira – Santos
Danilo Lavieri – Santos
Julio Gomes – Coritiba
Menon – Coritiba
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Santos
Renato Maurício Prado – Santos
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Santos
Rodrigo Coutinho – Coritiba
Vitor Guedes – Coritiba

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