Selena Gomez shares what she thought of dating an older man

Selena Gomez has had very public relationships that have been the main topics of gossip. Today she is more discreet and mature, allowing herself to talk a little about her personal life without being intrusive.

In a recent interview with Elle, she touched on very intimate matters. Accompanied by her friends Raquelle Stevens and Ashley Cook, the artist became more comfortable talking about these topics. One revelation is that she dated an older man and the result was very positive. She said she is affectionate and loves hugs and more subtle touches in a relationship. For that very reason, she felt more taken care of.

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Selena Gomez was honest

“I love hugs from here to the moon. I want a husband. I want that kind of physical touch. [Risos] No… physical touch and acts of service. The older I get, the more I really appreciate it.”

In the conversation, she admitted that she went out with an older man and really enjoyed the experience. “I believe their love languages ​​change, and we’re a little bit of each, but I dated someone who was a little older and it was just so wonderful. She was being taken care of somehow. It was like, ‘Are you comfortable? Do you want a blanket?” Just very sweet things. I thought I didn’t need any of that but it was so kind and I don’t feel like many people are like that anymore”, he reflected.

About the plans for the futureshe believes that there will come a time when her career will take a back seat so that the family takes all the attention.

I hope to get married and be a mother. Eventually, I’m going to get tired of it all, so I’ll probably dedicate most of my life to philanthropy before I settle down. Just keeping it real“, he finished.

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