Shanghai releases Oscar for training, and Flamengo opens the doors

Shanghai Port, from China, released Oscar to train in Brazil. The player’s staff and Flamengo were informed. Faced with this, Rubro-Negro opens the doors of the CT for the athlete. The midfielder really wants to play for Fla and took another step in that direction.

In recent days, Oscar said goodbye to Shanghai on social media. Flamengo football vice president Marcos Braz treated the matter with caution and said he respects the player’s history at the Chinese club, at a press conference.

“It’s of interest. Let’s wait for the Oscars until the last day to register him for the Brazilian, it’s of interest, but that doesn’t mean the deal will be done. The player’s will is also very important, but he still has absolutely nothing and he has to respect the Chinese team, an idol there, and he will wait as long as possible for Shanghai to make the best decision”, said Braz.

Oscar is in Brazil waiting for a definition of the loan and the expectation is for an outcome in the coming days. There is optimism from those involved in the conversations, and meanwhile Fla waits. The transfer window closes on the 15th.

Oscar’s relationship with Dorival Junior’s coaching staff is also an asset to Flamengo. Dorival’s assistant and son, Lucas Silvestre, has a long and deep friendship with the player. Although the team is going through a great phase on the field, the evaluation in Rubro-Negro is that Oscar’s quality allows him to play in any team.

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