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lately the Apple TV+ has been delivering more and more original series that burst the bubble of its still limited subscribers. For example, Break, Ted Lasso, pachinko and servant. Equally, his new series about a serial killer and time traveler has been torn up with praise. So, will we have a 2nd season of illuminated (or Shining Girls)?

Initially, the adaptation of the homonymous book by Lauren Beukes – from 2013 – was planned even before its debut (including by the production company of Leonardo DiCaprio). However, the series only took shape in 2020, where it found Elisabeth Moss (in The Handmaid’s Tale, mad man and The invisible man) as both its star, executive producer and director.

Now, with the project complete in 8 thought-provoking episodes released weekly, its fans are wondering about a sequel. So come with the Streamings Brazille discover everything about the 2nd season of illuminated (Shining Girls) at the Apple TV+. Also, understand what your biggest differences were from the base book.

THE SYNOPSIS in “illuminated

Banner and Official Poster for Season 2 of Illuminadas / Shining Girls on Apple TV+ with Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura
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In illuminated (Shining Girls) we follow Kirby Mazrachian archivist for a newspaper in Chicago who goes on to hunt down a skilled serial killer who attacked her years before and which she survived. However, who has just succeeded in murdering Julia Madrigalagain leaving an object inside the victim.

from that, Kirby will have the help of the reporter Dan Velazquez to discover that her memory lapses and reality distortions aren’t just trauma’s fault. Whereas, the killer’s traits inexplicably stretch across decades.

THE 2nd season already official?

Opening and logo intro for season 2 of Illuminadas / Shining Girls on Apple TV+ with Elizabeth Moss and Wagner Moura
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Unfortunately, a 2nd season bringing – or not – Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura as Kirby and Dan has not yet been confirmed by Apple TV+. In fact, the project had already been occasionally referred to as a “limited series” or “miniseries” in interviews and even by those involved. Be that as it may, it is valid to say that the entire story of the origin book has been adapted. So, the sequel would have news in totality.

For now, we can only dream of what we’d like to see in Season 2 of illuminated (Shining Girls). However, for those who are interested in the series and want to know similar works by the author (Lauren Beukes), know which adaptations of your comic Survivors Club and books broken monsters and slipping are – apparently – in development, both in series and in film.

theories in wefts for 2nd season in illuminated

Banner and Official Poster for Season 2 of Illuminadas / Shining Girls on Apple TV+ with Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura and Jamie Bell
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[SPOILERS do fim da 1ª temporada e do livro]

First of all, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if a 2nd season of illuminated (Shining Girls) chose to diverge, or rather, grow independently beyond the source book in order to bring a never-before-seen story. Since Season 1 took liberties on its own like bringing Kirby as its protagonist “victim”, or even add the Brazilian roots of Wagner Moura The Dan. That being said, here’s why:

“With one character you see all the pieces of the puzzle… You kind of go through this maze with Kirby and discover the mystery together with her.” – the creator, Silka Luisaabout giving more focus to the Kirby in adaptation, via Team (where you can see several other changes made by the series).

Above all, a sequel wouldn’t need much detour to have an effect. By the time we have the sadist harper released by the 20s (onwards) and, with the “timeless house” now and then unprotected by the absence of Kirby, there could be a resumption. In fact, with a concept as broad as time travel even other characters could enter the picture – incorporating themselves into the whole or even turning the series into an anthology.

“He is a small, emasculated, humiliated man who hates women. That’s what he is, underneath it all.”Jamie Bell defined its antagonist, the serial killer Harper Curtisto Omelet.


“The only way to understand time is a string. […] After all, if Harper is close to the edge, her violence spreads and impacts Kirby wherever she is. […] So even though they don’t know where each other is, they are connected by this invisible rope. […] So the show is about cutting that rope.” Luisa to Team.

In the end, the 2nd season of illuminated (Shining Girls) could return to the heart and soul of the series: the trauma. Since, the entire plot orbits around this metaphor. On the other hand, fans would like to see Kirby both as a protector and as a user of the home. In any case, the biggest question would still be whether Dan he found memory echoes of his life with her, for their romance was pivotal at the end of the book.

“If you ever remember, you’ll know where to find me”, Kirby says to Dan before handing him a mysterious note which could contain the address of the house.

Who could be in cast?

Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura in the cast of the 2nd season of Iluminadas / Shining Girls on Apple TV+
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Finally, if the 2nd season of illuminated (or Shining Girls) becomes a reality, we can have three different approaches. First, of course, with completely new characters, that is, a renewed cast. Second, with a mix of returns and inclusions. Anyway, with the focus on the return of everyone we knew before. For example:

  • Elisabeth Moss as Kirby Mazrachi / Sharon Leads;
  • Wagner Moura as Dan Velazquez;
  • Jamie Bell as Harper Curtis;
  • Phillipa Soo as Jin-Sook (Jinny);
  • Chris Chalk as Marcus;
  • Amy Brenneman as Rachel;
  • Christopher Denham as Leo Jenkins;
  • Erika Alexander as abby;
  • Madeline Brewer as Klara;
  • Karen Rodriguez as Julia Madrigal;
  • Julian Obradors as Freddie Velazquez.

“I felt like an imposter because [Moss e Wagner] they are great actors. […] [Moss] is so capable as an actress, director and producer, I was genuinely inspired by her.”bell to Omelet.

“I think it was a fun challenge for Elisabeth Moss. […] It’s almost like having Alzheimer’s. […] She had to be able to show the smallest of changes and keep navigating them.”Silka Luisa (the creator) about moss to Team.

TIP serial in Apple TV+

Break (Severance) 5 reasons to watch on Apple TV+ 2
(playback credits: Apple TV+)

Furthermore, in case you are looking for a new sci-fi series to marathon in Apple TV+we recommend them Break (or Severance). In short, which follows the idea of ​​what if a mind were separated – literally – between its work self and its personal self? Well, two people would inhabit the same body! Take a closer look in the trailer:

However, if you want to continue with the theme “time travel”, the series Outer Range (of Prime Video) and The Travel Woman of time (of HBO Max) are novelties that are both distinct and well-evaluated today. So stay with these tips 😉

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Hey, reader, want to know what’s new? illuminated (or Shining Girls) and other originals from the Apple TV+? then follow the Streaming Brazil fur YouTube!

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