Six productions to celebrate Brazilian Documentary Day at Curta!On

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O Curta!On – Documentary Club is proud of its growing collection of films and documentary series that brings together, above all, Brazilian productions! Therefore, to celebrate the National Day of Brazilian Documentary, on August 7, it indicates six works: three of them reflect on this very important cinematographic genre, and another three are novelties that have just arrived on the platform.

The first triad is formed by the series “We, Documentaristas”, by Susanna Lira, and by the features “Banquete Coutinho”, by Josafá Veloso, and “O Method”, by Liliana Sulzbach and Carlos Roberto Franke. Among the novelties are the microseries “Memories of Grupo Opinião”, by Paulo Thiago; the documentary “O Cinema das Mulheres”, by Vanessa de Araújo Souza; and the unpublished “Desterro – A Poiesis de Imre Kertész”, by João Alberto Cotta.

Curta!On – Documentary Club is available on ClaroTV+ and on the internet, through , and can be enjoyed by new subscribers free of charge for seven days.

Check out the synopses:

Coutinho Banquet (Documentary)

“Banquet Coutinho” proposes to look at Eduardo Coutinho’s films as an indivisible great work. Had one of the masters of Brazilian cinema always made the same film? Based on a filmed meeting with the director in 2012 and vast archival material, the film keeps alive the concerns of the filmmaker, who died two years after the interview. Directed by: Josafá Veloso. Duration: 74 min. Rating: 12 years

We Documentarists (Series)

The series “We, documentarists” delves into the universe of Brazilian documentary based on testimonies from the country’s main filmmakers who set out to film “reality”. The proposal is that, from the perspective of each one of them, the public is able to reflect on the contemporary Brazilian reality. The programs investigate the process of creating and making documentary films, in addition to the life and work of various professionals, from experienced directors — such as João Moreira Salles, Vladimir Carvalho and Lúcia Murat — to documentarians of a new generation, such as Petra Costa, Emílio Domingos and Cristiano Burlan. The 13-episode series is directed by Susanna Lira, a documentary filmmaker who also gains space in an episode of her own. Directed by: Susanna Lira. Length: 13 episodes of 26 min. Free classification.

The Method (Documentary)

“The Method” unveils, interprets and reveals the tools and knowledge used by experienced documentarians in the art and craft of representing reality. Directed by: Liliana Sulzbach, Carlos Roberto Franke. Duration: 80 min. Rating: 10 years.

Memories of Grupo Opinião (Series in 3 episodes)

The history of Grupo Opinião, a carioca theater troupe created in 1964 to resist the military regime through artistic productions. Considered the first response of the left to the dictatorship, the group brought together artists such as Nara Leão, Maria Bethânia, João do Vale and Millôr Fernandes. Duration: 25 min. Rating: 12 years.

Women’s Cinema (Documentary)

Passionate about the magic of cinema and historically imposed on a place of invisibility, prejudice, stereotypes and superficiality, how can women contest, break with oppression, watch over precious archives, play remarkable characters, produce and direct successful films? The documentary “Women’s cinema” illuminates the trajectories of dreams, challenges and victories of talented Brazilian women: Alice Gonzaga, Didi Viana, Carmen Santos, Cléo de Verberena, Carmem Miranda, Gilda de Abreu, Eliana Macedo, Eliane Lage, Lucy Barreto, Helena Solberg, Ana Maria Magalhães, Tereza Trautman, Leila Diniz, Darlene Glória, Sônia Braga, Carla Camurati and Ruth de Souza. With delicacy, historical rigor and a poetic look, the images enchant, provoke reflections and honor women who want to win, to win ten, as Ruth de Souza says, in a magical and memorable scene. Directed by: Vanessa de Araújo Souza. Duration: 85 min. Free classification.

Desterro – A Poiesis by Imre Kertész (Documentary)

The issues of human exile and the relentless search for identity are poetically explored through the life and work of Hungarian writer Imre Kertész, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize for Literature and Auschwitz survivor. Throughout his work, Kertész asks himself the question “who am I?”, he tells us about identity as a narrative act and about writing as resistance against annihilation, exile, loneliness and death. Directed by: Daniel Augusto Duration: 26 min. Free classification.

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