Stray for PC has secret ray tracing elements; see how to enable them

A simple command unlocks new visual elements for the title

Released on July 19th for PC and PlayStation, Stray does not default to any ray tracing capabilities — unless some of its settings are changed. Some PC version players have found that the technology is enabled by default by the game if it is forced to work with the DirectX 12 API.

When this happens, the game starts to use ray tracing on elements such as shadows, ambient occlusion, and reflections. What makes the discovery surprising is the fact that the move from DirectX 11 to 12 should not bring this result in a title developed in Unreal Engine 4 — in other words, the decision to block the technology was made consciously by developer BlueTwelveStudios.

If you have a system with an RTX line card and are willing to modify Stray’s visuals, doing this is a very simple process. Just enter Steam, open the game properties and, in the initial settings tab, add the line “-dx12” (without quotes) in the boot options field.

Stray with Ray Tracing becomes a pretty heavy game

While turning on Stray’s ray tracing is a simple process, it can cause many machines to stop running the game at an adequate frame rate. Tests carried out by the DSOGaming website show that not even an RTX 3080 could maintain a 60 FPS rate with the game running at 1440p with effects on.

like the title does not rely on upscale technologies such as NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR 2.0, this means that there are no practical ways to offset the weight of ray tracing without sacrificing other elements of the game’s presentation. Until the moment BlueTwelveStudios did not clarify the reasons for turning off the effectsnor did he comment on whether he intends to officially turn them on in a future update.

Stray: comparison shows changes that the game has undergone in different versions

Stray: comparison shows changes that the game has undergone in different versions
PlayStation 5 was the platform used in the comparison

Stray tells the story of a cat separated from its flock who must survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by robots and strange alien-looking creatures. The game has become one of the biggest hits of 2022even surpassing the positive evaluations that games like God of War got on Steam.


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