striker says he regrets punch thrown at the side

The striker Sassá, who currently defends CSA, showed regret for the punch he gave to the side Mayke, from Palmeiras, at the time he played for Cruzeiro. The fact happened in the semifinal of the 2018 Copa do Brasil, when miners and paulistas faced each other at Mineirão and started a general confusion.

A guest of the Charla Podcast, the player, now 28 years old, said that the episode “damaged him like hell in everything”, including the “bug” of the final of the tournament – the BH team faced Corinthians and became champion on that occasion. .

Before talking about the punch itself, Sassá, who left the bench and entered the 2nd half of the match, detailed the fight that occurred between the teams’ players.

“The game was over, we were advancing and an argument started. Take it, hold it, pull it… then I arrived. Everyone was hot-blooded, pillaged… Mayke passed by punching Léo [zagueiro]. Then I arrived to give him a band. When I kicked him out, he staggered and came back towards me.”

Sassá revealed that the images captured by VAR gave an unrealistic proportion of the intensity of the blow to the side of Palmeiras.

“There was action and reaction. I said: ‘either me or him’. Then I gave a [soco] in it, he gave me another. I pushed him and we left. [A repercussão] it was because of the VAR. They took the VAR and put it in slow motion. It was to push and for him to come out next to me,” he continued on the podcast.

He also detailed the consequences of the confusion and regretted not having won the cash bonus paid by CBF to Cruzeiro. “I got 12 games of suspension, I was left out of the ‘good bug’ of the final. Fat bug… at that time the Copa do Brasil was paying a truckload of money.

Finally, Sassá, who was unable to talk to Mayke about the act that took place four years ago, was once again sorry for the act. “There was an annoying thing. I’ve talked about the situation in other interviews. People think it’s very easy for me because I made the situation, but for those who receive it, it’s very annoying. I’ve said it in other interviews and apologized. [Me arrependo] a lot, but that’s it… won’t come back.”

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