Taiwan missile project supervisor found dead

According to the state agency, a senior official worked at the agency that is studying how to increase the island’s projectile production capacity.

The deputy head of the Taiwan Ministry of Defense’s research and development unit was found dead early Saturday morning (Aug 6, 2022), according to the Central News Agency. Or Yang Li-hsing would have been found in a hotel room in the south of the island.

The state agency claims that Ou Yang Li-hsing was in a hotel room on the south of the island and suffered a heart attack.

THE Reuters reports that the institute is working to increase the island’s missile production capacity as China intensifies its military activities in the region in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

On Friday (5.Aug.2022), the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced that it “successfully” military exercises in airspace and at sea around Taiwan. In the training exercise, high-precision missiles were launched in the maritime area, in addition to long-range rocket artillery attacks.

According to the Defense, the activity demonstrated “the high combative will and the excellent fighting ability” of the Chinese army. “The activity shows that our Army is fully determined, capable and capable of safeguarding the unity of the homeland, national sovereignty and territorial integrity”says part of the government announcement.

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