Time to clear iPhone cache! Check out how and why to do it

The month of August has just started and it’s time to clear your iPhone cache. That’s because the beginning of the month is a great time to perform the procedure. All information accumulated from the previous month will be deleted from your device.

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Why should you clear iPhone cache?

Clearing cache causes browsing data to be deleted from your browser. This means that passwords, logins and other data are no longer visible to you or anyone else. This means that the procedure will help to give you more security.

More than that, clearing iPhone cache helps to free up space inside your phone. To give you an idea, hundreds of megabytes can be eliminated this way.

Step by step to clear iPhone cache – Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser among all and to clear iPhone cache on it, you must follow the following steps:

1 – Open the Chrome application;

2 – Select the three dots in the lower right corner to open more options;

3 – Scroll down and select Settings;

4 – Select Privacy in the next menu;

5 – Then select Clear browsing data to open a last menu;

6 – Select the desired time range at the top of the menu (anywhere from Last Time to All Time);

7 – Make sure Cookies, Site Data are selected, along with Images and Cached Files. Finally, click on Clear browsing data at the bottom of the screen.

Step by step to clear iPhone cache – Safari

Check out the procedure to clear the iPhone cache using the Safari browser, typical of Apple:

1 – Open the Settings app on your iPhone;

2 – Select Safari in the application list;

3 – Go to Advanced > Site Data;

4 – Scroll down and select Clear site history and data;

5 – Choose Remove Now from the pop-up box.

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