TNT announces marathon of productions starring Margot Robbie

On the 13th of August, the TNT presents the actress’ fans Margot Robbie with a movie marathon starring the actress. Entitled Margot Robbie specialthe action was created by so much expectation of the public with the launch of the super production of Barbiewhich features Margot playing one of the most famous dolls in the world.

The streaming platform special contains 4 films, where it will show all the versatility of the Australian acting in different genres such as action, comedy and drama, in double blow, Suicide squad, the wolf of Wall Street and Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

The first film to be shown is “Golpe Duplo”, where the actress makes a romantic pair with Will Smith. In this production, Will (Nicky) is a professional con artist who is chosen as a victim by a newcomer to the profession, Jess, Margot’s character. He gets carried away by the blow to unmask her at the right moment. Disappointed, Jess insists that Nicky teach her how to work and accept her on the team. After some reluctance, Nicky not only agrees, but becomes romantically involved with her, going against one of her main rules. Who also participates in the film is the Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro.

Next comes “Suicide Squad”, a film that features Robbie playing the character Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn) getting involved in various crimes. In it, American intelligence officer Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, determines that only a secretly summoned group will be part of a special mission. Margot’s character will.

After Suicide Squad, TNT airs “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where Naomi Lapaglia, her character, has a relationship with the character of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jordan Belfort. He is an ambitious New York stockbroker who builds an empire based on fraud and corrupt schemes involving big names on Wall Street. This production marks her first nude scene in her career.

To end the marathon, the platform displays “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”. The thriller brings another film where the actress stars with DiCaprio, who plays Rick Dalton. The film still has Brad Pitt and Damon Herriman in the cast. Robbie plays the character Sharon Tate, who will be pursued by Rick in the plot.

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