Understand why drone food delivery is on the rise

The way we acquire our foods in recent years – in restaurants and supermarkets – has changed significantly. Thanks to the home delivery and collection services offered by supermarkets, fast-food outlets and other businesses, it is much simpler for people with a busy schedule to save time for their purchases and prepare meals for themselves and their family.

In that sense, the delivery via drones has become a reality for many families, especially the North American ones. Check out more details about it in this article.

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Delivery via drones has increased considerably

While the online retail shopping trend has gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic, a study shows that people are starting to return to in-person shopping more often. The survey revealed that the number of individuals who used online shopping in stores “all the time” is on the decline.

By 2021, the percentage of people who shopped this way had dropped from 45% to 32%, according to the study. As people feel the effects of rising product costs brought on by inflation, home delivery of restaurant food is also experiencing declines in sales.

However, according to Reuters, Amazon and GrubHub signed an agreement in July 2022 to provide Amazon Prime members with one year of free GrubHub delivery services. This deal is boosting the company’s food delivery business as it predicts a drop in demand.

Increase even with low online sales

So while there is a seemingly natural decline for food delivery, the company continues to invest in drone technology as the most efficient way to deliver goods to customers.

In July 2022, Flytrex said it would expand the area where customers receive their goods, increasing capacity from 40,000 to 100,000. The on-demand drone delivery company works with restaurants and delivery services to deliver goods to customers in Granbury, Texas, Holly Springs, Raeford, and Fayetteville, North Carolina. Thus, it is clear the increase and incentive of brands in the delivery of food by high-tech drones.

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