Vitor Pereira suffers at Corinthians with our result professionalism – 08/06/2022

Vitor Pereira was not happy against Flamengo in Itaquera. Because there was no Willian and Renato Augusto in the most important game of the season so far, he lost Maycon injured in the first half and, in the second, the entries of Giuliano and Roger Guedes, with Yuri Alberto going to play on the left, did not work.

The scenario is now a steep slope to climb in the Copa do Brasil against Atlético-GO, after the 2-0 defeat in the first leg, an unlikely comeback at Maracanã to survive in Libertadores and four points from leaders Palmeiras in the Brazilian that look like reversal more viable in math than in the ball played.

With the season title chances more remote, questions begin regarding the methods and behaviors that were previously praised.

The intense training, common practice in the main centers, became the target of criticism, including requests for teams of 11 against 11 on the entire field, which demand less from the athletes. Also the annoyance with the collectives that deviate from the standard “I trust my group” and puts a finger on wounds, deficiencies and failures of the players. If Roger Guedes doesn’t recompose on the left, is it Vitor Pereira’s fault?

Despite the “support” of the board, it seems clear that a process of frying has begun that can materialize in the event of eliminations in the cups and if Palmeiras is not beaten in Itaquera, next Saturday (13), at home for the 23rd round of the Brazilian.

If that happens, the Portuguese coach will be another victim of our professionalism in terms of results. In other words, what should be the standard of demand in a high-performance sport is only valid if it brings victories in the short term. Even without pre-season and participation in the assembly of the squad and needing to adapt to Brazilian football playing every three or four days.

Let’s look at the most successful examples of foreign coaches in recent years, which even motivated Corinthians to enter the “fashion”.

Jorge Jesus arrived with a strong personality, shouting at Wilian Arão for everyone to hear and imposing his methods in the “shut up, do what I say and play” style. He was acquitted in the elimination in the quarters of the Copa do Brasil for Athletico because it was on penalties, it was his third official game in charge of the team and the blame fell more on the players.

But when he climbed Rafinha on the midfield line and Rodinei on the side and left with a 2-0 against Emelec in the Libertadores round of 16, the world fell on the coach’s head. Only the reversal of the score at Maracanã with a victory on penalties, which put the team in the quarterfinals after nine years, saved Jesus. With time and peace to work, he assembled the historic team that won Libertadores and Brasileiro in five months.

Abel Ferreira needed three to win Copa do Brasil and Libertadores with Palmeiras. Strong team, successes of the young coach, with the help of the great transition of the assistant Andrey “Cebola” Lopes after the departure of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, and favorable contexts in both competitions, especially in the national knockout. He quickly became an idol.

In other words, hiring, without much conviction, as is the custom in Brazil, only gained real support because of survival. Because the results relieved the pressure and gave morale to the technical committees. If he wins, the coach can charge more. The player, especially the one who returned from Europe looking for “comfort”, is forced to obey. Or the victories, which bring praise and ego massages in the press and social networks, are worth the effort.

Vitor Pereira did not have the same luck/competence as his compatriots. That’s why he’s already on the razor’s edge ready to cut the meat and then play in the coach grinding machine that is Brazilian football. No criteria other than game scores and championship placements. Without evaluating contexts.

Medium or long term work? Only with cups. That simple.

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