Website leaks Brazil shirts for the Qatar World Cup; see how the models turned out

Possible kit for the Brazilian team for the Qatar World Cup announced on social media

O Brazil got a new uniform! On the night of this Friday (5), an account from the twitter released images of what may be the uniforms 1, 2 and 3 of the Brazilian team for the Qatar World Cup.

It is already a tradition for the sports sponsors of the teams to disclose the teams’ uniforms a few months before the World Cup. As the 2022 edition will be played at the end of the year, between November and December, the new uniforms are being released gradually.

Argentina, Spain, Germany, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Switzerland and Uruguay are some of the teams that have already announced the kit they will wear at the Qatar World Cup. Officially, the Brazilian team has not yet announced the release date of the new uniform.

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