What is Google Meet Companion Mode?

Google Meet’s Companion Mode is a tool that allows people who are in meetings, whether in person or remotely, to open a second screen to activate collaboration elements without audio interference.

It is a very interesting feature of the service that few people know about, so we are going to explain how it works and its advantages in this dedicated article. Check out!

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What is Google Meet Companion Mode?

companion mode

Google Meet’s Companion Mode allows you to use another tab or even another screen on another computer to open interaction and collaboration options without interfering with the audio and view of the main meeting screen.

For this, when opening the Companion Mode, it does not have any audio option, so it is already disabled automatically. It can be used both by people who are participating in the meeting in person to have more control over what is appearing on the screen and for those who also participate remotely.

It is even an extra advantage for those who are participating in person, because then they can also participate in some interactions such as polls or votes without worrying about audio feedback.

When you open Companion Mode, on the screen it already reveals some of the things you can do, such as:

companion mode

  • Share your screen: Give a presentation without risk of audio interference
  • Chat with others: Exchange messages with other call participants
  • Discuss ideas: Develop ideas in a group using a virtual interactive whiteboard
  • Enable Captions: Track what people are saying more easily

That is, you can share the screen on another screen or tab and see the sharing on the main screen to check if everything is ok, you can use chat without interfering with the main screen, activate subtitles and even use an interactive whiteboard to discuss ideas, which is very interesting.

This Companion Mode support screen can be used on another tab of the computer or on another computer or another screen without them needing to be linked together. It is also possible to use the smartphone, but in this case it is mandatory that the main screen of the meeting is on the mobile device, because this tool is not yet available for smartphones and tablets.

For those who are in a meeting room, this mode is interesting to share the screen or use chat, participate in polls, Q&A and have control over the organizer. For those who need a second screen, you can see subtitles or presentations from other participants and even make your own.

How to use Companion Mode?

companion mode

As already mentioned, this tool is not yet available for mobile devices, so you need to use a computer for this. Enabling Companion Mode is quite simple.

If you receive an invitation to participate and are in the meeting in person, you can select “Other Participation Options” and click on “Use Companion Mode”.


If you are participating remotely and want to have a main screen and a support screen, first create or join the room normally, and then open another tab on your computer and join Google Meet. Put the meeting link and then choose the Companion Mode option.

It is also possible to enter the direct link to the mode by clicking here. Then just enter the meeting code or click on a meeting that is already scheduled.

There is also a direct short link for those who want to do a screen share, which also just add the code or link of the meeting or choose one that is already scheduled. To access, just click here.

Advantages of the support screen

One of the main objectives of this mode is precisely to guarantee these elements of interaction without audio interference, which facilitates the participation of everyone, whether in person or remotely.

That way, everyone can turn on the cameras in a standard way and use the support screen to present screens or ideas in a more organized way. In work meetings, it makes it easier as it unites everyone on two separate screens, while in use for teaching, for example, it allows students to have an even greater participation in classes with teacher control.

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