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Bruno Tabata should be announced as a reinforcement for Palmeiras in the coming days. The negotiation advanced this week, after a first refusal by Sporting, from Portugal. The athlete’s desire to transfer to Verdão helped in the conversations.

At 25 years old, the attacking midfielder did all the base at Atlético-MG and left Brazil at 18, even before making his professional debut. Tabata is an old dream of coach Abel Ferreira, who tried to hire him when he was in charge of PAOK, from Greece.

Below, the ge brings the timeline of the Brazilian’s career and how it can be used in the sequence of the season by Palmeiras.

Bruno Tabata in the Brazilian pre-Olympic team — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Premature departure from Brazil

Bruno Tabata never entered the field professionally in Brazil. At the age of seven, his first steps in football were still in Ipatinga, his hometown in the interior of Minas Gerais, before moving on to futsal and arriving at América-MG in 2011.

A year after playing at Coelho’s base, Tabata passed tests and was hired by Atlético-MG, staying at the club from 2012 to 2015. The great turning point in his career was the title of the Copa do Brasil sub-17 in 2014, when the attacking midfielder was elected the best player in the competition and went on to draw the attention of several clubs.

See moves by Bruno Tabata, attacking midfielder who should be a reinforcement for Palmeiras

See moves by Bruno Tabata, attacking midfielder who should be a reinforcement for Palmeiras

When he turned 18, the player ended up going to court to be able to transfer to Portimonense, from Portugal, claiming that Galo did not exercise the option to cover the Portuguese offer and sign a new bond.

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Bruno Tabata in action for Atlético-MG’s under-20 team — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Tabata spent four and a half seasons at Portimonense. In all, there were 119 games, nine goals and 21 assists for the club until the interest of Sporting, one of the three giants of local football, aroused interest.

Since the end of the 2020 season at Sporting, Tabata has entered the field 52 times, scoring eight goals and providing six assists. The last season, by the way, was the best of the player for Leão, when he scored six goals.

Abel Ferreira’s old target

Abel Ferreira has been monitoring Bruno Tabata for at least six seasons, since when he was Braga’s coach. The characteristics of the attacking midfielder have always pleased the Portuguese, who highly values ​​versatile players who play more than one role.

The negotiation with Palmeiras is Abel’s second attempt to work with the Brazilian. When he was managing PAOK, from Greece, Bruno Tabata was close to signing a contract. Portimonense played hard at the time and ended up holding the midfielder, who the following season went to Sporting.

Pre-Olympic National Team Champion

Bruno Tabata was part of the pre-Olympic team that won the Toulon Tournament, in France, in one of the most important tests before the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The attacking midfielder only participated in the first two games, both as a starter, in the rout victories over Guatemala and France. In his debut, Tabata scored a goal.

Bruno Tabata with the Toulon Tournament Cup for the Olympic Team in 2019 — Photo: Fernando Torres/CBF

Tabata was Murilo’s teammate during the tournament in France, when they became friends. Recently, the midfielder commented on a post by the Palmeiras defender after a match against Atlético-MG, for Libertadores.

Bruno Tabata did not have more opportunities in the pre-Olympic team due to problems with the release for the call-ups with Sporting. He was not part of the group that won the gold medal at the Olympics.

How does Tabata like to play?

Bruno Tabata acted as a midfielder throughout his training in the youth categories in Brazil. As a typical number 10, he has always had the role of being the creative mind of the midfield and responsible for the set piece.

The big change in Tabata’s career came with his transfer to Portuguese football. The playmaker midfielder with characteristics of pacing the game practically does not exist in Portugal. It was from this concept that the midfielder started to act as a winger, having a more aggressive game.

The great responsible for the tactical maturity of Bruno Tabata was Vítor Oliveira, a former Portuguese coach who died in 2020 and commanded the Brazilian between 2016 and 2018 at Portimonense.

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Bruno Tabata during a match for Sporting in the Portuguese Championship — Photo: Disclosure

Left-handed, Tabata likes to play preferentially as a winger on the right side, having as main characteristics the short dribble, the strong finishing from outside the area and also the good pass. The attacking midfielder also acts as a winger on the left side.

At Sporting, Tabata went on to play another role: that of false nine. Coach Rúben Amorim had often been using the player in the sector, something similar to what Abel Ferreira did with Rony at Palmeiras.

Abel Ferreira should gain a versatile player to climb Palmeiras from the middle to the front. Bruno Tabata can play with a creative midfielder, as a winger on the sides of the field, in addition to false nine.

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