Who is Elon Musk’s family? Meet parents and siblings

the family of Elon Musk is gaining a lot of attention on social media recently, but it’s not easy to keep up with so many people. With several millionaires and celebrities, the Tesla commander’s relatives, from time to time, end up starring in controversial situations.

For the people who are a little lost in the bullshit bullshit, the TecMundo created an infographic trying to organize all the Tesla billionaire’s relationships. Put the soundtrack to Succession to play and come meet Elon Musk’s family.

Who are Elon Musk’s parents?

Starting with the parents, Elon is the son of the actress Maye Musk, with whom he has a relatively close relationship. She is a Hollywood star, works as a model and influencer.

the father is Errol Musk, South African businessman. The controversial patriarch has made some headlines recently, as he said he is not proud of his billionaire son. In addition, he generated controversy by revealing that he has a child with his stepdaughter.

Elon Musk’s Brothers

Elon Musk also has two brothers who are famous. The entrepreneur Kimbal Muskwho is his father’s favorite, owns a chain of restaurants and a fortune of approximately $700 million.

Already Tosca Musk is a filmmaker and has recently gained prominence because of his streaming platform. Called Passionflix, the streaming service is focused on erotic content.

Elon Musk fans.: Photo

It is also worth mentioning that Musk has two famous cousins ​​in the tech world: Peter and Lyndon Rive. They are the creators of SolarCity, a startup that was acquired by Tesla. The purchase process was quite controversial, as it was carried out as a family, and generated a gigantic lawsuit for Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s love affairs

Tesla and SpaceX tycoon’s first wife is Justine Musk, with whom he had six children. After their divorce in 2008, he had relationships with two famous actresses: Talulah Rileywhich works in Westworldand also Amber Heard, protagonist of a legal battle with Johnny Depp.

Musk’s most recent marriage was to singer Grimes — together, the couple had two children: X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl. The two are currently separated, but still have a close relationship.

Elon Musk and Grimes are forced to change their son's name "X Æ A-12" |  Exam

Recently, it was also revealed that Musk had an affair with Shivon Zilis, the director of Neuralink. After the relationship, she had a couple of billionaire twins. It is worth mentioning that Elon also had twins and triplets with his first wife Justine.

That is, in all, Elon Musk has 10 known children. In addition to Nevada, the eldest son who died at 10 weeks old, the billionaire has two sets of twins and also triplets. The offspring is complete with the children of Grimes: X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl.

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