Xbox Game Pass will have 100 million subscribers with the purchase of Activision, says analyst

Microsoft’s gaming division’s strategy could be considered the most ambitious in video game history and has the potential to change history by bringing its game offerings to millions of gamers with no hardware restrictions. This is possible thanks to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud, enabling current-gen games without limiting them to consoles or powerful computers. Xbox’s gamble seems to be paying off and recently Michael Pachter spoke about it.

The always controversial Michael Pachter (via Idle Sloth), spoke about one of the most important themes of the year in the industry: Microsoft’s purchase of Activision-Blizzard. From his perspective, the acquisition will result in an impressive boost for Xbox Game Pass and that’s where the games division will have a significant advantage in the market. According to Pachter, such a deal could cause Game Pass subscribers to jump to 100 millions: “The idea of ​​being able to take video games to all the screens you have attracts a potential market of 3.5 billion, a lot of subscribers, but it can go from 25 to 100 million”.

Later, Pachter referred to the controversy surrounding the exclusivity of franchises such as Call of Duty when it becomes part of Xbox, something he considers unlikely: “Just as Disney bought Fox to improve the Disney+ offer, they just didn’t stop release the movies in theaters, they just put the catalog on the service, just like they do with HBO, and that’s a very smart strategy. If they go that route, and even if it’s free, Activision is very good at it and a lot of their revenue comes from that, so it’s a huge opportunity for Microsoft.”

Recently, documents were leaked that give an account of the arguments of Microsoft and Sony in relation to the purchase of Activision-Blizzard. Sony pointed out that there is no rival to Call of Duty and there is no company or studio capable of doing something like this. The issue is being analyzed by the regular monopoly bodies.

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