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Brasília was the first capital to have this crucial “avenue” for the circulation of data from the new generation of mobile internet. So far, this has been extended to four other capitals.

They are: Porto Alegre, João Pessoa, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo — the last city to receive the news, last Thursday.

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See below where the stations are in these citiesbased on data provided by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

To activate the signal, Anatel stipulates that the operators must provide one station per 100,000 inhabitants in these larger cities.

But this number of antennas is still not enough to cover the entire area of ​​cities.

In Brasília, the premiere predicted a reach of 80%.

In São Paulo, with a much larger area, 25%. The 1,378 existing stations in the band are concentrated in the central region and South Zone of the capital, as seen in the map above. The agency’s schedule predicts that, in July 2025, the city will have 1 antenna for every 10 thousand inhabitants.

To get 5G, it is not enough to have an antenna nearby: you must have a compatible cell phone. Depending on the type of connection, it may be necessary to change SIM cards.

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G1 tests 5G speed in São Paulo

G1 tests 5G speed in São Paulo

For now, there is still no forecast of the next capitals where the main 5G range will be activated. After São Paulo, Anatel expects coverage to arrive soon in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Salvador and Goiânia.

The maximum limit established by the agency for the installation of antennas in all these 27 capitals goes until the 29th of September.

The deadline for the connection to be available in all Brazilian municipalities with more than 30 thousand inhabitants is only in 2029.

G1 Explains: The 5G Revolution

G1 Explains: The 5G Revolution

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