Al-Qaeda: Who is Sayf al-Adl, the ‘next leader’ of the extremist network?

Photo of Sayf al-Adl released by the FBI in 2001

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Photo of Sayf al-Adl released by the FBI in 2001

The death of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a US drone strike in the Afghan capital Kabul has sparked curiosity about who can now take command of the terrorist organization.

Sayf al-Adl, born in Egypt, is the most likely candidate. He is the sole survivor of a group of five al-Qaida veterans named in the past as al-Zawahiri’s deputy, and he is now touted as the most likely successor.

But there might be a problem.

Al-Adl is currently believed to be living under restrictions in Iran – a country that al-Qaeda considers a staunch enemy.

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