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Here are the ships Captain Jack Sparrow commands in the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is the undisputed heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, starring in all five film releases since 2003. Rumors continue to swirl around Depp’s future on the seven seas, but for many, it’s hard to imagine the story continuing without Captain Jack struggling from one disaster to the next. But just as Jack is instantly recognizable as an iconic character from the film, the fictional Jack Sparrow is also famous (infamously, depending on your perspective) in the fictional world of Pirates of the Caribbean. here is each Pirates of the Caribbean ship that Jack Sparrow captains.

Captain Jack has endured ancient curses, arduous travel, the British Navy, zombie pirates, the Kraken, and worst of all, running out of rum. Jack’s exploits as a sea captain are legendary among his peers and enemies, affirming him as a man to be feared, respected, perhaps even loved, but certainly never to be trusted. This renown would never have been possible without a series of hectic stints as captain on a number of different pirate ships.

Born into piracy, Jack was a prodigious talent in his youth, and after a brief stint with the East India Trading Company, Jack resumed his buccaneer ways, and the 18th century response to Keith Richards hasn’t looked back since. But which Pirates of the Caribbean ship and crew unlucky enough to call Captain Jack Sparrow their leader?

Even the most legendary pirates often come from humble beginnings, and so does Jack Sparrow, who made his bones on the Barnacle as a young wannabe teenage pirate. A (very) modest fishing boat, the Barnacle lacked the bells and whistles that Jack’s later ships would come with, but it served the purpose of transporting Jack and his crew during their early adventures. The Barnacle makes its debut in the official Rob Kidd series Pirates of the Caribbean books, which chronicle Jack’s early life long before the events of The Curse of the Black Pearl. After initially leaving with just 2 crewmates, a waitress and an aristocrat, the new Captain Jack soon gathered more friends and experienced the kind of magic and chaos that even veteran pirates can dream of, discovering hidden cities, encountering mermaids, fighting against the weather. controlling captain and, of course, in search of treasures.

Despite Pirates of the Caribbean ship was nothing more than a single-sail ship, young Jack was able to enjoy the entire pirate experience when he used the Sword of Cortes to transform the undersized boat into an impressive and powerful warship. Renamed Grand Barnacle, Jack captained his way to victory over the British but ventured out alone during this period and eventually the Barnacle was returned to its former state. Much to Jack’s dismay, his first real pirate ship came to an end when the Barnacle found itself on the receiving end of a cannonball aimed at his own father, Edward Teague.

After serving under a selection of pirate captains including Teague, Rapier and others, Jack found himself unwelcome by the pirate community for breaking their time-honored code. Unable to navigate like a criminal, Jack tried to make himself legitimate and enrolled with the East India Trading Company, where his extensive navigational experience contributed to a rapid rise through the ranks. Jack first set foot on the company’s Fair Wind in the position of first mate under Captain Bainbridge. Despite being just a typical merchant ship, this brig class was a major upgrade on the Barnacle and made its only appearance in AC Crispin’s the price of freedom novel in 2011. Surprisingly, Jack largely adhered to the rules while working at Fair Wind, and achieved the rank of captain not through mutiny or wrongdoing, but because Bainbridge was killed during a pirate attack.

As first mate, Jack became captain of the Fair Wind and did so with aplomb. Luckily, the invading pirate was already romantically involved with Jack during his swashbuckling days, allowing the newly promoted Sparrow to manage to rescue the cargo of Esmeralda’s pirate crew and bring the ship home in one piece. Having excelled under pressure, the East India Trading Company rewarded Jack for his efforts by promoting him to captain of his own ship.

The most famous ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean was originally known as the Wicked Wench. Jack was assigned as its commander after he refused to captain a slave ship, while the Wicked Wench was designed simply for cargo. Although it was the East India Trading Company that first put Jack in charge of the Wicked Wench, his history with the boat dates back to the battle against pirates of the caribbean 5‘s Salazar, in which the infamous Spaniard was defeated by a young Jack Sparrow alone in command of the Girl during her early days of piracy. In a strange twist of fate, both Wicked Wench and Jack ended up meeting at the East India Trading Company and were now reunited.

Finally the captain of his own ship once more, Jack experienced the same kind of bond with the Wicked Wench as he had with the Barnacle before, enjoying the freedom of the seas and mastery of his own destiny. Once again, Jack resisted the temptations of piracy and kept the straight and narrow line during his time at the Wench, but Sparrow’s strict moral code would soon alienate him from the world of privateers. Jack’s superior, Tom Hollander’s Cutler Beckett, once again tried to direct Jack Sparrow into the slave trade and, once again, he was turned down. In response, Beckett banished Jack back to piracy and burned the Wicked Wench, while Jack did what any good captain should and went down with his ship.

With his beloved ship plummeting into the depths, Jack struck a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Wicked Wench once more. Renovated by magic and christened the “Black Pearl” for being grilled in flames by Beckett, Jack’s ship was now the fastest in the Caribbean and the perfect ship to restart his pirating life. along the Pirates of the Caribbean In the movies, the Black Pearl regularly oscillates between commanding Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa and sees more adventure than ever before. The legendary ship is consigned to Davy Jones’ locker along with Jack in In the end of the world and miniaturized in a bottle by Blackbeard in In strange tides. The last time fans saw the Black Pearl, she was once again captained by Jack Sparrow and seeking out new adventures.

When The Curse of the Black Pearl begins, Jack Sparrow has been deprived of the movie’s titular ship by Barbossa and is trying to retrieve the boat from his sworn undead enemy. Jack’s interests conveniently align with those of Will Turner, whose lover (Elizabeth Swann of Keira Knightley) has been kidnapped by Barbossa. Together, the unbearably beautiful duo plan to escape the harbor by hijacking one of the Navy’s own ships – Captain Norrington’s HMS Interceptor, reportedly the fastest in the fleet and second only to the Black Pearl. After succeeding in their mission, the unlikely duo of Sparrow and Turner head to Tortuga, where they assemble a pirate crew with the help of Jack’s trusted first mate Joshamee Gibbs.

The Interceptor serves as Jack’s replacement ship during his first true voyage on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but when the protagonists finally catch up with Barbossa and the Black Pearl, their fortunes change. Proving that his reputation for speed is not without merit, the Black Pearl takes the Interceptor and Jack’s ragtag crew is taken aboard their old ship, with little friendly welcome. After taking the crew hostage, Barbossa orders the Interceptor to be destroyed, and the ship is never seen again. Pirates of the Caribbeantimeline.

This little sloop was introduced in 2017 Dead men tell no stories and it represented another temporary stopgap while Jack’s Black Pearl was unavailable to him, still huddled inside Blackbeard’s bottle. Crossing the boat while it lay stranded on Saint Martin’s Island, Jack and his crewmates claimed the aptly titled Dying Gull as their own, with Sparrow as its captain ashore, but few believed the thing would actually float if taken to sea. Fortunately for Jack and his new companion Henry, son of Will Turner, the Dying Gull was indeed navigable and more capable than many believed. Aboard the Gull, Jack, his crew, Henry and Carina set sail in search of the nautical legend, the Trident of Poseidon, but were pursued by Salazar, seeking revenge on Jack for trapping him in the Devil’s Triangle years. previous.

With Barbossa in tow, Salazar wins with the Dying Gull, at which point the ship’s crew decide they don’t want to be part of Salazar’s group. Pirates of the Caribbean revenge on Jack, mutinying and forcing his captain, Henry, and Carina to disembark. Gibbs takes over the captaincy of the Gull for a brief period, though he quickly hands over responsibility to Scrum before the Dying Gull falls into British hands.

Some of the franchise’s elements are taken from real life, including Captain Jack Sparrow himself. So which of Pirates of the Caribbean were ships based on real ships? There are six major ships in the series that have real-life inspirations, and two of them were captained by Jack Sparrow. Notably, the most featured boat in the franchise, The Black Pearl, is inspired by a specific type of vessel known as a “galleon”. Galleons were primarily used between the 16th and 19th centuries and were pioneers in European nations, naval warfare and merchant fleets. The huge ships were multi-deck, square-rope sailing ships that often featured three or four masts. A real-life ship captained by Sir Henry Morgan was named “The Black Pearl”, but sank during the battle.

Jack Sparrow’s second ship based on real life was the HMS Interceptor. Appearing in the first film, the Pirates of the Caribbean ship is actually a carbon copy of the historic ship known as “Lady Washington”. The boat in question was a small merchant sailing ship that was used in the second half of the 18th century. Interestingly, the same ship also appeared in the 1994 film Star Trek: Generations. Other boats in the franchise have their origins in real life, such as the In the end of the world ship “The Empress”, which was captained by Sao Feng and then Elizabeth Swan. The Empress is based on Chinese sailboats, known only as “junk”, and the boat is still in use to this day. Their first designs were used in 2800 BC, and the term “junk” was initially a European term used to describe medium to large ships that sailed near China and Southeast Asia. Other Pirates of the Caribbean Reality-based ship names include the ships of the East India Trading Company, The Flying Dutchman and Queen Anne’s Revenge. The film’s ties to real life only serve to highlight its most fantastical elements, pleasing swashbuckling fans and nautical aficionados alike.

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