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With Phase Four in full swing, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken some calculated risks with its villains, being more substantial in terms of arc and quality. Unlike past villains such as Ronin and Malekith, who had purely evil intentions to wreak havoc on the universe, Phase Four antagonists were much more nuanced, with some having an emotional backstory or pushing their respective heroes to their limits.

From Scarlet Witch to Gorr the Butcher of God, their motivations for submitting to these wicked persecutions stem from heartbreaking tribulations, causing many MCU fans to sympathize with them and understand their cause. With more villainous personalities than ever before, some antagonists proved to be remarkably sympathetic, while others quickly fell into obscurity.

14 General Dreykov

Ray Winstone starred as the rogue General Dreykov in Black Widow. As the mastermind behind the Red Room and the personal supervisor of every Black Widow, Dreykov has routinely abused his power to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

Dreykov was a manipulative monster who took advantage of girls who had no other support system in their lives, turning them into murderous assassins to further his own political aspirations. Winstone’s character has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is unceremoniously killed with no one foolish enough to mourn him.

13 Foreman

In a shocking twist Black Widow’In the final act, the agent known as Taskmaster is revealed to be General Dreykov’s daughter Antonia, portrayed by Olga Kurylenko. Brainwashed by her father into carrying out her orders, Antonia nearly killed Natasha Romanoff in revenge for her betrayal of the Red Room. In the end, Antonia is freed from her mental prison, with her ambiguous fate leading many to theorize that she could become a member of the MCU’s upcoming Thunderbolts lineup.

While Taskmaster proves to be one of the most sympathetic villains in the MCU, unable to control his own actions, the depiction of the character still left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans, proving to be quite inaccurate for the beloved comic book character. While many viewers disliked this view of Taskmaster, her survival indicates that she may have a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of fans.

12 flag smasher

Erin Kellyman starred as the main antagonist of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Karli Morganthau, the leader of the Flag-Smashers. Driven mad by the super soldier serum, Karli sought to recreate the world as it was following the Decimation of Thanos, targeting her terrorist attacks at the Global Repatriation Council’s effort to rebuild society.

While the Disney+ series desperately tried to get audiences to identify with Karli and the Flag-Smashers, it did little to justify any of their actions. Despite Sam Wilson’s insistence that they not be called terrorists, they, by their own actions, define themselves as exactly that, making the Flag-Smashers some of the least likable – and least likable – villains in all of Phase 4.

11 the energy broker

Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter is revealed as the villain Power Broker in the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Still active and undisclosed at the end of the series, the episode’s post-credits scene revealed that Sharon had been reinstated as a government employee, giving her access to highly classified technology, no doubt leading up to the events of Armor Wars.

While Sharon’s reveal as the Power Broker has exciting implications for the future of the MCU, the character himself proves to be far less likable as a result. Fans are left wondering how long she’s been lying to the franchise’s heroes and debasing her prestigious family name. While Sharon still has time to redeem herself, such an event seems unlikely given her callous attitude after the Decimation.

10 Ikaris

Ikaris serves as the main antagonist of the mythological story eternal film, which seeks to protect the emerging Celestial Tiamut at the center of the Earth. Ikaris, played by Richard Madden, actively works against his fellow Eternals, revealing himself to be a traitor to their ranks after killing their leader, Ajak.

While Ikaris’ actions are understandable given his delicately constructed worldview, he has shown himself to be very willing to hurt his own family in an attempt to preserve the will of the Celestials. Ikaris’ blind devotion and zeal for a cause he didn’t fully understand proved to be remarkably destructive, driving him to commit unforgivable crimes.

9 najma

Nimra Bucha appeared in several episodes of the Disney+ series lady marvel as the callous leader of the underground villains, Najma. Exiles from the Noor Dimension, Najma and his followers seek to return home, regardless of the great cost the human world would pay for such an action.

While Najma’s goal of returning to her home is perfectly understandable, her unwillingness to listen to reason paints her as reckless and reckless. Her blindness to the needs and opinions of others proved incredibly destructive, leaving Kamala Khan to clean up the mess she made with her relentless crusade.

8 big boss

After playing the main antagonist of the Netflix series Reckless series brilliantly over three seasons, Vincent D’Onofrio made his thrilling return as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, in Archer hawk. Marking the first character from the Defenders Saga to reappear in the larger MCU, Fisk’s return portends big changes for the franchise’s future.

While D’Onofrio’s take on Wilson Fisk is loved, many fans were a little disappointed with the role he had to play. Archer hawk. Goodwill takes the villain’s return a long way, but fans are certainly hoping for a more in-depth exploration of the character when he appears in echowhich we hope to bring your character to life in the same way the Netflix series once did.

7 Arthur Harrow

Ethan Hawke appeared as the villainous Arthur Harrow, a cult leader with plans to free the captive Egyptian goddess Ammit, in the Oscar Isaac-led film. moon knight. As the former avatar of Khonshu, Harrow challenged the very sanity of the new Moon Knight, Marc Spector, as he strove to bring his own brand of justice to the world.

Despite his truly heinous crimes, Harrow’s pathos as Khonshu’s previously abused avatar paints him in a sympathetic light. Forced to watch as Khonshu abuses Marc Spector, the audience knows that Harrow is right about the moon god, though his response to such actions is far worse than the crime he claims he is avenging.

6 Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness is the main antagonist of Marvel’s first streaming series, WandaVision. Posing as Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor, Katheryn Hahn’s character is ultimately revealed to be a powerful witch who seeks Wanda’s abilities for herself.

While wickedly hideous in every way, Agatha Harkness proves to be one of the most likable villains in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks in no small part to Hahn’s brilliant performance. The actress deliciously chews the scenery out of every screen moment, garnering a notable fanbase for herself, leading to Agatha becoming one of the few Marvel villains to get her own spinoff series on Disney+.

5 Xu Wenwu

Tony Leung has fulfilled longtime fans’ wishes by becoming the MCU’s definitive version of Xu Wenwu the Mandarin in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. A warlord thousands of years old, Wenwu was powered by ten mysterious rings that allowed him to easily defeat anyone foolish enough to stand in his way.

Though blinded by years of anger and callousness, Wenwu’s motivation as a husband and father makes him remarkably sympathetic to the average onlooker. Despite being unable to redeem himself from his villainy, Wenwu recognizes in his final moments that his son, Shang-Chi, has become a much greater man than he, allowing him to die with some solace, leaving fans mourning his passing. .

4 Gorr The Butcher of God

Christian Bale shines as Gorr, one of the most interesting characters in love and thunder. After losing his daughter despite anguished pleas to his god for salvation, Gorr becomes the Butcher God, hunting down deities from various pantheons in an attempt to extinguish each one.

Despite an insufficient amount of screen time, Bale manages to bring one of the franchise’s most likable villains into the spotlight. Gorr proves to be truly unique in his antagonism through his surprising choice at the end of the film, leaving audiences to ponder whether he really was right in his crusade all along.

3 Kang the Conqueror

Jonathan Majors made his shocking debut as He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror himself, in the season finale of Loki. As one of the biggest threats facing the Avengers in the franchise’s future, Kang’s arrival portends major changes in the MCU, leaving fans wondering where the villainous variant might appear next.

Kang the Conqueror’s time in the MCU is just beginning, but Jonathan Majors has already proven to be an absolute delight to watch on screen. Managing to steal the screen from even Tom Hiddleston’s beloved Loki, Kang will undoubtedly be a highlight of Marvel’s Phase 4 and beyond.

two The Five Sinisters

Spider-Man: No Way Home delighted fans with the return of several fan-favorite characters from past Spider man franchises, including the best villains from the Rogues Gallery of Superhero. Among these returning villains were Rhys Ifan’s Lizard, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

each villain in No Way Home is heightened by his return, with new dimensions added to each character to make him more sympathetic in the public eye. Dafoe’s character, in particular, walks the line between being downright heartless and sympathetic, reminding fans of the true genius behind Spider-Man’s greatest villains.

1 Wanda Maximoff

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw Elizabeth Olsen’s Avenger, the Scarlet Witch, take a villainous turn as she sought a universe where she could be with her two children. Locking herself in a vicious battle with Doctor Strange and America Chavez, Wanda Maximoff murdered hundreds in her misguided quest.

With the benefit of an eight-year history in the MCU, Wanda Maximoff quickly proves to be the most sympathetic villain in all of Phase 4. WandaVision, already understand Wanda’s situation and want her to succeed, albeit hopefully by means other than murder and mayhem. The film ends with Wanda’s apparent redemption, proving to be the hero fans have always known her to be.

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