An air show colored the skies over Egypt’s Pyramids this week

Photo: RoKAF Publicity

This week, an aerial event colored the Egyptian sky over the pyramids of Giza, as a result of a partnership between the Air Forces of Egypt (Al Quwwat Al Jawwiya Il Misriya) and the Republic of Korea (or South Korea). The August 3 meeting, called Pyramids Airshow 2022, featured a large display of aircraft and aerobatics.

Participating in this air show was the aerial demonstration team Black Eagles of the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF), along with two teams from the Egyptian Air Force, Silver Stars operating the Hongdu K-8E Karakorum jet trainer and horus operating the SA342L Gazelle helicopter. In addition to these, who were the stars of the party, members of the Egyptian Air Force paratroopers also made a demonstration in the complex of the ancient pyramids.

One of the reasons why the Koreans were present with their squadron is the opportunity to present the capabilities of their FA-50 light fighter, with which they fly their Black Eagles. And not just in Egypt, but the Black Eagles have been touring several countries in Europe, including Poland, Slovakia and the UK, and now go on to do the same in Asian nations. For the entire trip, the team’s flight distance before their return home is estimated to be 20,000 kilometers.

Video of the full air show can be seen below. Just command the timeline to advance or rewind the video.

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