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The MotoGP British GP, held this Sunday (7), delivered the emotions it promised. Johann Zarco went down alone, Fabio Quartararo took a long-lap penalty, Aleix Espargaró confirmed his presence despite intense foot pain… but, in the end, Francesco Bagnaia won at Silverstone, who overtook Álex Rins with nine laps to go and guaranteed the triumph. It’s Pecco’s fourth win of the year.

In the final stretch of the race, Maverick Viñales stuck to Pecco and even overtook his rival on the penultimate lap, but he couldn’t keep up the pace and crossed the finish line in second. Jack Miller completed the podium.

With 16 laps to go, at Turn 8, pole position and then race leader Zarco crashed alone. The Pramac Frenchman had everything to end an uncomfortable fast in the premier class — the #5 never won — but faltered on his own and had to retire.

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Francesco Bagnaia won his fourth victory of the 2022 season (photo: Ducati)

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Championship leader, Quartararo had a great start. The 2021 champion had to serve a long-lap penalty, however, due to the confusion with Aleix Espargaró in Assen. The race direction signaled the Frenchman of the penalty, and with 17 laps to go, the Frenchman obeyed. But if the expectation was for a legitimate proof of recovery, this did not happen. Suffering from tire wear, Quartararo was unable to advance and, as a result, came in 8th.

Enea Bastianini appears in fourth, ahead of Jorge Martín — a duel between the two contenders for the remaining Ducati vacancy in 2023. Miguel Oliveira, Rins, Quartararo, Aleix Espargaró and Marco Bezzecchi complete the top-10.

As a result, Quartararo slightly increased the lead for Aleix Espargaró in the Drivers’ Championship: 180 to 158. Bagnaia is increasingly willing to recover the loss, appearing in third, with 131 — ahead of Bastianini and Zarco.

MotoGP returns to the track on August 21, with the Austrian GP, ​​at the Red Bull Ring. O BIG PRIZE accompanies all the activities of the 2022 Motorcycle World Championship.

Find out how the MotoGP British GP went:

Despite the English reputation for always raining, MotoGP managed to have a completely dry weekend. On the eve of the start of the British GP, the Northamptonshire region had a sunny day, with the thermometers reading 22°C and the asphalt reaching 43°C. The relative humidity was at 46%, with the wind blowing at 10 km/h.

Just like last year, Michelin took soft, medium and hard tires to the English circuit, with the fronts all with a symmetrical profile, while the rears had an asymmetrical construction, with harder rubber on the right side.

On the way out, most had medium front tires, except for Jack Miller, Johann Zarco, Fabio Di Giannantonio, Stefan Bradl and Fabio Quartararo, who used the soft. At the rear, the choice was more divided: Di Giannantonio, Pol Espargaró, the LCR, the four KTM, Álex Rins and the four Yamaha had the medium, while the Aprilia, Ducati, Pramac, Enea Bastianini, VR46, Stefan Bradl and Joan Mir went hard.

Before the start, however, last minute changes to the choice of shoes: Bastianini switched to a soft front, while Zarco switched to a mid front. Di Giannantonio, Rins and Dovizioso switched to hard asses.

The moment the lights went out on the starting straight, the 41,002 spectators at Silverstone saw Johann Zarco pulling well and keeping the lead, with Fabio Quartararo starting very well to jump to second in the first few meters. Maverick Viñales, on the other hand, blundered and dropped to sixth.

The start of MotoGP in Great Britain (Video: Reproduction/MotoGP)

Johann, then, forced the pace from the opening meters, trying to open a margin, which reached 0s3. At the end of the first lap, the Pramac holder had a window of 0s226. Jack Miller was in third, ahead of Francesco Bagnaia, Álex Rins, Viñales and Aleix.

In the opening of lap 2, the FIM notified Quartararo of the penalty, which meant he had three laps to go through the long lap and serve the penalty he carried from Holland. The Yamaha rider’s idea is to comply as late as possible, in an attempt to already have the peloton broken.

Fabio then put pressure on Zarco at the end, for the Frenchman Pramac resisted at the end, taking advantage of the power of the Ducati engine to even move further away in the final stretch of the track. Miller, on the other hand, did not follow the pace of the pointers and had already conceded 0s3 in relation to El Diablo.

On lap 3, Bagnaia passed Rins and took fourth position, putting pressure on Ducati’s teammate, who had just recorded the best lap of the race in 1min59s740. Alex, however, reacted and put Suzuki in front again. Further back, Jorge Martín passed Aleix Espargaró to be seventh.

Quartararo dropped to fifth on the long lap (Video: reproduction/MotoGP)

The moment he served the sanction, Quartararo dropped to fifth place, just ahead of Viñales. It was the opportunity for the Spaniard to help his teammate in the fight for the championship.

Thus, Zarco was 0s462 ahead of the lead, with Rins in third, against Bagnaia.

On lap 5, Zarco’s dream of his first victory was dashed. The Frenchman crashed alone at Turn 8 and handed over the lead to Miler, who was being pressured by Rins, a Silverstone specialist.

Alex soon took the lead, but the change was immediate. The pressure followed, with Rins taking charge after being attacked by Pecco. As soon as he passed by Vale, the Spaniard forced the pace and opened a gap in relation to the Ducati rider.

Zarco crashed while leading at Silverstone (Photo: Reproduction)

Further back, Viñales not only failed to pass Quartararo, but also lost the position to Martín, who advanced to fifth and began to put pressure on the World Cup leader.

Jorge didn’t take long to get to the Yamaha rider and quickly took fourth place. Further on, Pecco passed Jack and settled in second, already more than 0s7 behind Rins, who was escaping more and more.

On lap 9, Maverick managed to pass Quartararo, taking fifth place. At this point in the race, MotoGP showed a replay of the start that made it possible to identify a touch between the two, which explains the poor start of the Spaniard.

At the end, Rins came close to 1s of margin, but, little by little, Bagnaia was closing the gap. The Italian opened lap 10 with a little more than 0.5s of delay. Miller was still close by, bringing along Martín, Viñales, Quartararo, Mir, Aleix, Oliveira, Brad Binder and Bastianini.

Pecco’s Attack on Kidneys (Video: MotoGP)

On the next pass, the two were practically glued together, with the fight for victory very much alive. On lap nine, Pecco stuck to Rins and launched an attack, taking the lead in Stowe’s braking, at turn 7. Immediately, the Italian rider opened a little advantage, trying to take the fourth victory of the year.

Rins couldn’t keep in touch and felt Miller getting closer and closer. Further back, Bastianini moved up to ninth after passing Oliveira. Another replay showed a touch between Enea and Martín at the start, which cost a wing from Gresini’s bike.

Martín, by the way, lost fourth position to Viñales, who had been trying to get closer to the podium. Back. Bastianini climbed one more place, now passing Aleix for eighth.

With seven laps to go, Miller passed Rins, who tried to respond in The Loop, but saw the door closed. The Suzuki rider, however, soon saw Viñales grow behind. On the other side of the Suzuki garage, the situation was worse, as Joan Mir crashed alone in Stowe and retired from the race.

In the final stretch of the race, Bastianini intensified the pressure on Quartararo, looking for a way to try to take sixth place. Behind, Aleix lost eighth place to Oliveira.

Viñales, meanwhile, took fourth from Martín, while Bastianini managed to pass Quartararo to be sixth. Fighting for the factory Ducati seat in 2023, Enea kept pushing the pace, trying to catch up with Jorge.

In front, Viñales passed Rins and took third place, with Martín following the same script shortly after. With three laps to go, Maverick launched an attack on Miller, but the Australian defended second place.

The Spaniard insisted shortly afterwards and managed to pass, already 0s6 behind Pecco. Was there still time for Top Gun to catch Bagnaia and win?

Francesco Bagnaia had to fight Maverick Viñales at the end of the British GP (Video: reproduction/MotoGP)

Behind, Bastianini passed Rins and moved up to fifth, while Oliveira took seventh from Fabio.

Viñales managed to arrive and soon began to pressure Pecco for the victory. The Spaniard took the lead briefly in the Village, but the Italian regained the lead and counted on a mistake from his rival to regain margin. A new mistake by Maverick ended up being decisive to give Francesco the necessary margin in the final meters. Behind, Bastianini passed Martín for fourth place.

Pecco received the flag with 0s426 of margin for Viñales, with Miller closing the podium, in front of Bastianini and Martín. Aleix Espargaró still tried to attack Quartararo at the end, but ended up in ninth, just behind his rival for the title.

MotoGP 2022, British GP, Silverstone, Race:

1 F BAGNAIA Ducati 40min10s260 20 laps
two M VIÑALES Aprilia +0.426
3 J MILLER Ducati +0.614
4 AND BASTIANINI Gresini Ducati +1,651
5 J MARTIN Pramac Ducati +1,750
7 TO KIDNEYS suzuki +3,021
8 F FOURTH Yamaha +3,819
9 THE ESPARGARO Aprilia +3,958
10 M BEZZECCHI VR46 Ducati +6,646
11 B BINDER KTM +7,730
12 L MARINI VR46 Ducati +13,439
13 T NAKAGAMI Honda LCR +13,706
14 P ESPARGARÓ Honda +13,906
15 F MORBIDELLI Yamaha +16,359
16 THE DOVIZIOUS Yamaha RNF +20,805
17 MARQUEZ Honda LCR +21,099
18 R GARDNER Tech3 KTM +24,579
19 S BRADL Honda +28,773
20 D BINDER Yamaha RNF +33,653
21 R FERNÁNDEZ Tech3 KTM +35,601
22 F DI GIANNANTONIO Gresini Ducati +36,640
23 J MIR suzuki abandoned
24 J ZARCO Pramac Ducati abandoned

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