Carol Portaluppi marks “golaço” with a daring look to enjoy the night: “Another personality”

Take off your bikini! Carolina Portaluppi, known for being the daughter of coach Renato Gaúcho, stole the show on social media this Friday night (05). The blonde published a breathtaking sequence of clicks and gave something to talk about with her bold production, which left her followers in love!

+ In the pool, Carol Portaluppi provokes with a tiny leopard bikini: “Bronzeadinha”

The influencer bet on a basic black look, but did not fail to cause with super revealing details in her night production. To enjoy the “sextou”, the muse bet on a skirt and a leather top and finished off the look with shiny boots that further highlighted the muse’s body.

“Carol is as hot as ever”, fired a follower in the comments of the publication, praising the blonde. “The beauty of this woman is magnificent”, praised another netizen. “She is the true definition of perfection,” said a third, with lots of passionate emojis. Check out the clicks:

Carol Portaluppi warns about the use of sunscreen

Beach Muse! Recently, the beach muse Carol Portaluppi regretted the appearance of some spots on her skin even with the use of sunscreen. In her Instagram Stories, the blonde spoke about her fear of sun exposure as she gets older and warned her followers about the care she takes with her skin.

“I use a lot of sunscreen on my face, but never on my lap. Look how many freckles I have here”, she said, showing the spots to internet users. Carol continued: “My dermato freaks out. Help, seriously. Guys, I’m bad. How am I with all this ball?”.

“I’m at a point in my life where I keep thinking how bad the sun is and that I have to wear sunscreen on everything. Is it age? As an alcoholic drink it’s bad, but I don’t drink. Food, ok, we eat well. Reviewing things in life. Starting tomorrow, everything will change”, guaranteed the influencer on social networks.

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