Ceni praises SPFC and points out the moment when the team lost in the Brazilian

Coach Rogério Ceni was satisfied with São Paulo’s performance in the 2-0 defeat to Flamengo at home, in a match valid for the Brazilian Championship.

In the coach’s assessment, the tricolor performance was interesting, but the goal scored by Gabigol at the end of the match can bias the analysis of the match.

“It was 1-0 and the game was even. Then, on the last ball, which could have been our goal, we lost [a chance] and they scored 2-0. Maybe that second goal gives a different connotation. But, before the goal was scored, the game was even”, he says.

“São Paulo was not afraid, they played as equals. I feel good with the way the team behaved, but bad with the result. It was a game that we already knew would be difficult”, analyzed Ceni.

Palmeiras comeback took the team off course

Rogério Ceni was sincere when analyzing the chances of the São Paulo team to continue in the fight for the title of the Brazilian Championship.

“[Chegamos a disputar a ponta], but this is no longer the reality. I have no way to hide. But, yes, we have to improve the score so we don’t go through the same situation as last year,” she explained.

For the coach, the game that defined São Paulo’s luck in the competition was the upset defeat to Palmeiras, on June 20, when the team was winning at Morumbi, but took the turn in the final moments.

“The game in which we beat Palmeiras and took the turn [foi o início da queda de desempenho]. Winning, we were going to be three points behind the leader, but we lost and were nine. Then we had to repeat the same team against Palmeiras [pela Copa do Brasil]. That’s when things started to unravel,” he said.

Although the Copa do Brasil and the Sudamericana are the two real possibilities of title for the team, Ceni criticized the dispute of the tournaments, which end up hindering the campaign in the Brasileirão due to the tight schedule of competitions.

“I wanted to focus more on the Brazilian, but I can’t. I can’t give up [das Copas]. Cups are not illusory only for those who win them. Because while you’re in them, there’s always a decisive game in the fourth, and that prevents you from focusing on the Brazilian”, he concluded.

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Chat between Galoppo and Pablo Maia

“I didn’t notice a discussion, I saw that they arrived in the locker room talking, charging. It must be for the last shot. There’s no such thing as guilty, there’s no such thing. It was a ball to have lifted in the area, the last shot, Pablo gives the pass, Rodriguinho makes the wrong decision, loses the ball, provides the counterattack basically with the game over. it was 1-0 and the game was evenly matched. I didn’t see anything on the pitch, I heard it when I got to the locker room, so I intervened. But if they’re getting better, it could be worse, everyone shut up. Better fight a little. This is important for the team, if you want to have personality, that’s how you do it. Each one has to learn, mature like this. Here we don’t have ready players, we don’t hire, we don’t put Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta in the end, we put boys in. And that’s how they will mature, playing with for good teams, like Flamengo, teams that have talent, and competing on equal terms.”

Delicate situation in Brazil

“I don’t want to be scared of the Brazilian, but I can’t give up the cup. I’m going to fight like we fought Flamengo until the end. I promised it would be a competitive team and within the characteristics and that’s what it has been. for the result, and I also leave, but look, they buy ready-made players, we train players. Each one within their possibilities.”

Performance against Flamengo

“Today it was predicted that it would be a complicated, difficult game. I even think we played a very satisfactory game in terms of competitiveness, equality of play. Of course, in the end we get tired, we don’t have much alternative, they are rested and put the best players… even so we had the chance to tie the game until the last minute.”

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