Cruzeiro beats Tombense, follows 100% in Mineirão and opens 16 points over 5th – 06/08/2022

When Cruzeiro plays at Mineirão in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, this season, they are sure to win. Pushed 42 thousand fans, the star team made another victim at Gigante da Pampulha and reached 11 triumphs in 11 matches as home team. With goals from Bruno Rodrigues and Daniel Júnior, Raposa beat Tombense 2-0, and walks with great tranquility to return to the elite of national football.

There are 49 points conquered by Cruzeiro, nine more than Bahia and Grêmio, who share the second place, and 16 more than Londrina, which is in 5th position and is the first team outside the access zone. Therefore, even if the team from Paraná amends a sequence of victories and wins in the next five rounds, Raposa still won’t leave the G4 if it doesn’t win a single point.

Cruzeiro will enter the field 16 more times, but they only need to win five games to reach 64 points, which is a very safe score when it comes to access. But with such an advantage over the other clubs that are also in the G4 and with an unbeatable campaign within Mineirão, the celestial team is not only approaching access, but also the Serie B title.

Who did well: Daniel Junior

Cruzeiro players celebrate a goal over Tombense for Série B - Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Cruzeiro players celebrate a goal over Tombense for Serie B

Image: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

The young Cruzeiro midfielder was one of the highlights in the triumph over Tombense. Shirt 48 participated a lot in the game, which was practically an attack against the defense. Daniel left the game with one goal and one assist.

Who was bad: David

Tombense didn’t play a great game, but they also didn’t give Cruzeiro clear chances to score. The interior team held off the celestial pressure until David missed a ball out, after a goal kick, in a move that led to the first goal of the night. David’s mistake was costly, as Tombense gave Cruzeiro more space, but he didn’t have the strength to attack.

Cruzeiro’s game: constant pressure

One of the characteristics of Paulo Pezzolano’s Cruzeiro is the constant pressure, after all, Raposa does not stop attacking and for that it puts a lot of pressure on the opponents to regain possession of the ball. It was no different against Tombense, who got in the way in some outings because of the pressure made by the strikers from Cruzeiro. In fact, that’s how the first goal kick started.

Edu out for wear

Cruzeiro’s top scorer in the season, with 16 goals scored, striker Edu was on the bench against Tombense. According to coach Paulo Pezzolano, in an interview with Premiere, before the match, the reason for taking the number 99 shirt off the team was physical wear and tear, and not the lack of ten goalless matches. According to the Cruzeiro coach, Edu has suffered with the sequence of games.

Advantage over G4

By math, access is not yet guaranteed, but due to the advantage it has built in 22 rounds, Cruzeiro will only not be in Serie A in 2023 if from now on it has similar performance to Náutico, which is the lantern of the competition. That’s 16 points more than Londrina, the first team outside the access zone. With 48 more points in dispute, Raposa needs to win just 15 to reach 64 and reach a mark that only once did not guarantee access.

can get bigger

Cruzeiro’s advantage over Londrina could get bigger, since in the next round Raposa travels to Paraná to face the 5th place. The match is scheduled for Tuesday, at Estádio do Café. In the first round, Raposa won 1-0, with a goal from Luvanor. Also on Tuesday, Tombense plays against Vila Nova, in Muriaé.



Reason: 22nd round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship
Place: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Date and time: August 6, 2022, at 19:00 (Brasília time)
Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO)
Auxiliaries: Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva (Fifa/GO) and Cristian Passos Sorence (GO)
VAR: José Cláudio Rocha Filho (FIFA/SP)
Yellow cards: Chay (CRU); Keke and Zé Ricardo (TOM)
goals: Bruno Rodrigues at 3 and Daniel Júnior at 24 minutes of the second half

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral, Zé Ivaldo, Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Bidu, Neto Moura (Pablo Siles, at 39′ of 2nd), Machado, Chay (Pedro Castro, at 25′ of 2nd) and Daniel Júnior (Edu, at 29′ of 2nd); Bruno Rodrigues and Luvanor (Rodolfo, at 39′ of the 2nd). Technician: Paul Pezzolano.

TOMBENSE: Felipe Garcia; David (Diego Ferreira, at 28′ of the 2nd), Joseph, Roger and Manoel; Rodrigo, Jean Lucas, Zé Ricardo (Renatinho, at 19′ of the 2nd); Keké (Ciel, at half-time), Everton (Matheus Frizzo, at 19′ of the 2nd) and Bruno Mota (Kleiton, at 39′ of the 2nd). Technician: Bruno Pivetti.

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