Cruzeiro wins one more, against Tombense, and increases advantage towards Serie A

In this Brasileirão Serie B, the cruise I didn’t know what it’s like to enter the field playing at home and leave with a result other than victory. On Saturday night (6), the team beat Tombense 2-0 and reached 49 points, 16 more than Londrina, the first team outside the access group – the game was valid for the 22nd round.

In this confrontation, coach Paulo Pezzolano started with an offensive team, despite the scheme with three defenders. A novelty was the absence of Edu, who does not come from a good sequence, in the initial 11. Bruno Rodrigues, Luvannor and Daniel Júnior commanded the attack, and did not disappoint.

Even though he didn’t score a goal, a highlight was the performance of Chay, one of the Raposa athletes who most looked for a game and appeared in most of the offensive plays. Midfielder, recently signed, wasted opportunities, especially in the first half, but helped in the 11th triumph in Belo Horizonte.

The game

From the first moments, Paulo Pezzolano’s team launched the attack, while Bruno Pivetti’s team showed the reason for his trip from Tombos to Belo Horizonte: to remain firm in the defense and to try plays in counterattack. Raposa kept possession of the ball at the beginning, but had difficulties in entering the area.

The first dangerous play was at 7 minutes, in a free kick by Chay, the player who appeared most in the match, but the ball went out. After that, at 18, hits in the area involving Luvannor, Bruno Rodrigues and again the former Botafogo player, but the nets did not swing.

With the passage of time, the celestial team seemed to feel nervous, but Tombense also did not have the capacity to come close to scoring. Near the end of the first half, Bruno and Neto Moura risked from afar, but without success.

The Uruguayan coach’s chat in the locker room had an effect. Raposa returned to the field in the second half with more determination to win, even more pushed by the crowd that packed Mineirão. In the first move, Machado took a risk from outside, but it was in the second that the score was opened.

After a move by Daniel Júnior, who was looking for a game almost all the time, the ball was left for striker Bruno Rodrigues, at the entrance of the area. Calmly, he dribbled the defender and hit goalkeeper Felipe Garcia’s corner. Cruise 1 to 0!

After the goal, the visitors tried to advance further, but they were no par for Cruzeiro’s defensive consistency. The star club returned to regain control of the game not to let go. Cruzeiro maintained its frequency in the opposing area, which had an effect.

At 23 minutes, Bidu made a play on the left and the ball fell to Daniel, who received it alone. He straightened up and hit the high, archer’s exit, into the back of the nets and blast into the stands. Cruise 2 to 0!

After increasing the score, the Belo Horizonte team slowed down, especially after the changes. Despite a beautiful save by Rafael Cabral at the end, the game was moving forward smoothly until the final whistle.


What: Cruzeiro vs Tombense

When: Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 7pm

Reason: 22nd round of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B

Where: Mineirão stadium, in Belo Horizonte-MG

Cruise: Rafael Cabral; Zé Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Matheus Bidu, Filipe Machado, Neto Moura (Pablo Siles) and Chay (Pedro Castro); Daniel Júnior (Edu), Luvannor (Stênio) and Bruno Rodrigues (Rodolfo). Technician: Paulo Pezzolano

tombense: Felipe Garcia; David (Diego Ferreira), Joseph, Roger and Manoel; Rodrigo, Zé Ricardo (Renatinho) and Jean Lucas; Keke (Ciel), Everton (Matheus Frizzo) and Bruno Mota (Kleiton). Technician: Bruno Pivetti

Arbitration: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO); Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva (GO) and Cristhian Passos Sorence (GO). VAR: José Claudio Rocha Filho (SP)

goals: Bruno Rodrigues, at 3 of the 2nd quarter; Daniel Júnior, at 23′ of the 2nd quarter (CRU)

Yellow cards: Keke and Zé Ricardo (TOM); Chay (RAW)

Public: 42,274

Income: BRL 1,264,718.00

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