DO NOT install the latest iPhone update if you use Waze

Beta users of iOS 16 claim they are having problems using the app Waze running via CarPlay. Reports show that the platform closes immediately after being started. Apparently, what may be happening is a compatibility error.

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Despite the flaw, some users have found several alternatives that help get Waze up and running, at least temporarily. One tip is to tap the navigation app icon repeatedly until it opens and starts working normally.

Other users say that the solution is to remove and reinstall the iPhone app so that it works again. Even with the suggestions, it is still unclear whether the measures apply to all the brand’s devices.

Test phase

First of all, it should be noted that iOS 16 is still a pre-release software, that is, it only runs in beta versions released by Apple. Early access, intended for developers or public testers, has been released for evaluation purposes only.

In other words, the American multinational company offers a select group of users the opportunity to try out the next iOS update in advance. With feedbacks and feedback after use, Apple can improve and correct possible errors before releasing the new software to the millions of iPhones around the world.

Applications will also need to be updated.

In most cases, shortly after the release of major iOS updates, the application developers themselves also need to release updates that ensure the compatibility of their software with the new version of the operating system.

In the case of Waze, which has instability in the beta version of iOS 16, a fix to solve the problem of forced closing should be sent in the coming weeks. So, when the new software is released, the navigation application will probably be running smoothly.

According to Apple’s traditional calendar, iOS 16 should arrive on supported devices starting in September. On the same occasion, the “apple company” should also show the world the new generation of the iPhone, which is in its 14th phase.

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