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Traveling the world is a dream for many people, especially when you get paid to do so. Because of this, in recent years, thousands of influencers have emerged who live as travelers and make money documenting their routines on the internet. In that case, the TikTok also was not left out as one of the platforms used to disseminate its contents.

Meet below travel guides and destinations most famous in the application.

Travelers after the pandemic

Now that the world is gradually getting back to normal, airports are coming back and getting full again. After all, people are traveling to visit relatives who couldn’t during the pandemic, to visit places they’ve always dreamed of or even for work reasons.

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In the second case, a lot of tourism is directly influenced by TikTok influencers, which ends up causing a lot of curiosity.

As the travel theme gains space on the platform, Bounce released a survey of the most popular destinations on TikTok. Check out what they are below:

Most popular destinations on the social network


Surprising many people, Dubai tops the list of destinations with the most views on TikTok. With more than 81 billion views, the city stands out for showing a luxurious lifestyle and very attractive for anyone who loves to shop.

New York

Impossible to talk about the most famous cities on social media without remembering New York, right? The main metropolis of the United States already has a total of 59.5 billion views, from which users follow curiosities, top restaurants and even some memes.

New York is second on this list, just ahead of London.

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Another different destination that is worth mentioning, being fourth on the list of the most popular destinations on TikTok.

The Turkish city has more than 34 billion views and a very high engagement on the Chinese social network. Through videos made in its main tourist spots, internet users can follow a welcoming population, tasty food and breathtaking landscapes.

Brazilian cities

Brazilians also have representatives in the TOP 50 presented by Bounce, but they do not occupy prominent positions. In the list we have São Paulo (33rd) with 5.5 billion views, followed closely by Rio de Janeiro (38th) with 5 billion views.

To see the complete list, go here.

So, did you like the theme? If you want to find other similar ones, just keep exploring the Travel Routes.

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