Does eating fruits and vegetables reduce depression?

A study carried out by Aston University in the UK found that people who eat fruit frequently have stronger mental health. On the other hand, it was also seen that those who consume snacks and other foods poor in nutrients, manifest memory lapses and anxiety. Find out why.

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Frequent consumption of fruits x salty snacks

Based on studies carried out by researchers from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Aston, many health professionals have come to the conclusion that the relationship between consuming fruits considerably decreases the chance of developing depression or some ill related to psychological well-being.

The opposite is true of the frequent consumption of salty foods, as is the case with some processed foods and fast food. An increase in symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and a notable decrease in the psychological well-being of individuals who prefer nutrient-poor foods were observed.

The effects of food on our mental health

It may not seem like it, but everything that reaches our body has an effect on our psychological. This has already been proven by studies and surveys carried out, for example, by Aston College, located in the United Kingdom. The texts offer information that details the real influence of food on our behavior.

When we eat healthy and nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, the effects are satisfying, as they promote a sense of well-being and inhibit possible disorders such as stress, depression and memory lapses.

The opposite occurs with the frequent consumption of snacks such as French fries and pizzas, which are both foods poor in nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Believe it or not, they tend to increase levels of anxiety and depression, compromising mental health through increased intellectual failure.

One point, among many observed, is that people often forget where certain objects were.

change of habits

The change in diet – replacing salty food with fruits and a little more green – only brings benefits and quality of life to people, regardless of the amount that is consumed. The fact that we eat raw fruits, for example, can have a strong influence on our psyche, since all the properties are maintained.

Also according to research carried out by the university, the greater the consumption of fruits and vegetables, the greater the feeling of personal satisfaction, so it faces the signs of depression.

Excessive consumption of fried foods and other foods poor of everything vital leads to an increase in subjective cognitive failures. People on this type of diet report mental instability of some level.

Adding fruit or snacks to everyday life has opposite effects on psychological health. The research also showed that the results obtained are more related to the frequency of consumption than to the exact amount of food.

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