Dystopian series The Man In The High Castle is perfect for history buffs

The Man In The High Castle is one of the most creative series on Amazon Prime Video, and one of the platform’s great successes. The series shows a dystopian North America in 1962, where the continent is taken over by Nazi Germans and the Japanese Empire.

The production is based on the work of Philip K.Dick, an author known for his great science fiction books. Many of Dick’s books and short stories have been turned into film productions, such as Blade Runner (1982), Minority Report (2002) and Paycheck (2006), just to name a few.

The Man In The High Castle
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In The Man In The High Castle, we see what the world would be like if the Axis had won World War II. In addition, the US was divided into two parts, the first is commanded by the Third Reich and has New York as its capital. To the west of the countries, we see that it is dominated by the Japanese Empire, and that placed San Francisco as its capital.

For the executive production of the series, Amazon called none other than Frank Spotnitz. The screenwriter is best known for his work on The X-Files, where he led the series’ creative team for several years. And in an interview about the project, Spotnitz commented on the challenge of producing such a complex series, see below:

The Nazis were for a long time the perfect Hollywood villains, but they were always cartoonish. I tried to show that they go beyond people with funny accents and doing terrible things.

The Man In The High Castle
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Watch the trailer for The Man In The High Castle series, hit by Amazon Prime Video

The Man In The High Castle features Alexa Davalos (Love), Rufus Sewell (City of Shadows), Joel de la Fuente (Julia), DJ Qualls (On the Road) and Luke Kleintank (FBI: International) as highlights. from the cast. The series has four full seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

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