Flamengo considers Rodrigo Caio’s contract termination after string of injuries, and fate could be another giant in Brazil

Considered the best defender in Flamengo’s squad, Rodrigo Caio, 28 years old, continues to suffer from injuries. The defender, holder of Dorival Jr’s team, hasn’t achieved a great streak for a long time, which makes Fla think about breaking his contract in the face of recent sequences of injuries.

Rodrigo Caio arrived at Flamengo a few years ago, for around R$23 million, with São Paulo, under negative eyes. Years later, living his peak, in 2019, with the conquests of Libertadores and Brasileirão, the great defender, with a passage through Tite’s team, may be leaving Flamengo.

Recovering, again, from an injury, within Fla there is no longer that great expectation of the defender being able to resume his football. His last game was against Corinthians, a few months ago, in defeat, away from home, by 1 to 0, by the Brasileirão.

Faced with this, Rodrigo Caio may have to undergo another surgery again, being, for good, out of the season. In this case, according to local sources, Flamengo may start thinking about getting rid of the defender, who has a high salary and cannot, in any way, earn a good streak.

A distant source says: “Rodrigo Caio is close to completing a month of injury, but he still doesn’t have a pre-set deadline by Flamengo’s medical department. [para retornar]. Further surgery is not ruled out. With this, some people internally are even starting to consider the possibility of contractual termination. If he really has to have a new surgery, a contract termination for 2023 is being studied. Remembering that Flamengo almost renewed Rodrigo Caio’s contract at the beginning of 2022. The trend is to have a new surgery. Having this new surgery, in 2023 Flamengo will talk to Rodrigo Caio and try to claim a termination“, reveals Miguel Julius.

Rodrigo Caio’s future

If he leaves Fla, Rodrigo Caio’s future tends to be signing with another Brazilian club. At the moment, there are no interested parties, but with the recent rumors, new developments should happen until the end of the season. Europe, at the moment, is a distant dream.

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