Flamengo’s performances: Ninho boys decide on safe night for Ayrton and Santos | Flamengo

Saints – Serene and safe as usual. He didn’t even have a rebound on Sao Paulo’s submissions. always well positioned. Grade – 7.0

Matheuzinho – Had to double up in marking with Reinaldo’s attacks for his sector and became more timid in attack. Grade – 6.0

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Best moments: São Paulo 0 x 2 Flamengo for the 21st round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: São Paulo 0 x 2 Flamengo for the 21st round of the Brasileirão 2022

Fabricio Bruno – Important in the air game when São Paulo tried to pressure in the first half. Right off the ball with short passes and long balls. Grade – 6.5

Pablo – Well in the air, but he still sins a lot with the ball at his feet. Missed a pass that allowed Marcos Guilherme to advance, who stopped in Santos. Grade – 5.5

Celebration of Lázaro, São Paulo x Flamengo, Brazilian Championship 2022 — Photo: Disclosure: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Ayrton Lucas – One of the best performances with the Flamengo shirt. Defensively safe, he protected the bottom very well and still had good offensive participation. Nice cross for Victor Hugo to score and Lázaro to score. Grade – 7.0

Diego – He closed the gaps at the entrance of the area and fulfilled the role of first midfielder, especially at times when São Paulo outlined pressure. Grade – 6.0

Vidal – Demonstrated the already known defensive ability. Important in ball release and cadence when necessary. Grade – 6.5

Victor Hugo – Another great game from the kid. Lazaro’s goal assistance, marking power and good passes on the exit for counterattacks. Grade – 7.0

marine – Good escape option at speed. Had a great first half and almost scored a great volley. Grade – 6.5

Lazarus – Second game with a goal as a consecutive starter. Very well in the most centralized function of the attack. Used speed to attack spaces. Grade – 7.5

Everton Chives – One of the best performances for Flamengo. He sinned in the submission, but abused individual plays and gave São Paulo defenders a lot of work. Grade – 7.0

João Gomes – The usual disposition in the marking, good passes and a finish from outside the area. Grade – 6.0.

Thiago Maia – He closed well the spaces of a Flamengo that already managed the score. Grade – 6.0

Gabriel – A lot of willingness to fight for spaces with the defenders, but he saw a more conservative Flamengo in the final half of the second half. In the end, he had a chance and scored. Grade – 7.5

Everton Ribeiro – He came in at the end and assisted Gabriel’s goal. Grade – 7.0

Arrascaeta – Got in at the end. No grade.

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